Friday 30 July

Tesha with loaded barbell overhead

For time:

200m run
50 double-unders
200m run
40 kettlebell swings (m:1.5 pood/f: 1 pood)
200m run
30 pull-ups
200m run
20 toes to bar
200m run
10 thrusters (115/75)

Post time in comments.

The 2010 CrossFit Games “Strong” commercial by Rogue Fitness – video [wmv] [mov]

“The Calm After the Storm: Part 2” with Kristan Clever, Valerie MacKenzie Voboril and Rebecca Voigt by CrossFit Again Faster, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Masters Event 1, Run/Overhead Squat, at the 2010 CrossFit Games:
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15 thoughts on “Friday 30 July

  1. I did Silver reps:

    4x singles for DU
    1 pood KBS
    Kipping pullups
    55lbs thrusters

    Time: 16:11

    I accused Jeff of switching my 3/4 pood KB for 1 pood…Sorry Jeff!! Apparently my mind told me it was time to upgrade :). Great Job everyone this morning!!

    BTW- I left my jump-rope there…..It looks just like the rest, except it has a blue cable and black handles. All the shorties are welcome to use it…:)

  2. 200m run
    200 singles jump ropes with a few double unders
    200m run
    40 kettlebell swings (1 pood)
    200m run
    25 pull-ups
    200m run
    15 toes to bar
    200m run
    10 thrusters (85lbs)

    Completed: 21:23 I believe. I left my notes in the car.

    I made a couple of good steps today, I completed the warm up with out bands and I was able to accomplish the Toes to Bar.

  3. 14:41 (95 lb. thrusters)

    This was the first time I was able to go prescribed 1.5 pd on the kettle bell swings. Also PR’d on consecutive double-unders at 50, so good day overall.

  4. 18:20 silver reps, but scaled everything.
    150 singles for the DU
    3/4pood KB swings
    band-assisted pull ups
    toes to…uh, waist
    4-45lb & 6-35lb thrusters

    Definitely need to work on those TTB. Thanks for pushing me this morning, Melissa! Jeff, I appreciate the extra instruction during the warm-up.

  5. 13:09 Rx

    Very happy with the this WOD went this morning. I woke up feeling a bit foggy and tired but picked up as the morning went on. I actually felt better towards the end of this WOD than at the beginning.

    DUs were a test in patience and I focused on keeping my cool and trying to rep them out. I was hitting 1s and 2s and then banged out 20+ in a row. Pushed it a bit on the runs to make up time and to make it harder on me. KB swings were awesome. I kept telling myself don’t let go, don’t let go. I did all 40 unbroken. I felt awesome after that. Pullups are always something I fear but then end up going well for me. I think I’m way underestimating my capability in pullups. I broke down the 30 reps in 12-8-6-4. Toes to bar are slow for me and Jakub killed me here. I meant to ask him and Jeff how to do these faster afterwards. I get into a slow swing and that causes me to go slow. Thrusters were a tough ending but I was able to break them up in 2×5.

    Overall tough workout. Went faster than I initially thought it would. Another great morning class with a tough group.

  6. 17:44 I just did not have it to bring today. Scaled to Russian standard on KB swings and 85 lb on thrusters.

  7. After two months and 6 days off I am back and I showed today why I have the nickname I do. There are about 4-6 pieces of skin on the ground somewhere in CFI. But don’t worry I wipped down my PU Bar and Thrusters bar.

    18:45 scaled KBS to 1 Pood and scaled Thrusters to 85 to keep from overdoing it on my back. Thanks for all the pushing at the end. David and Michael and Daniel, thanks for the warm welcome back telling me to get back on the bar. I am looking forward to getting back into it.

  8. 12:55 (44# KBS)
    I was gonna do this as Rx’d, but Zan had to step it up a notch and use a bigger KB. So I knew I wouldn’t be able to live it down if I didn’t do the same.
    Had fun teaching the 5:00 class today for the first time! Everyone really pushed it hard.

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