Monday 9 August


Three rounds for time of:
95 pound Ground to overhead, 10 reps
200 yard Shuttle sprint, 50 yards there and back twice

Dave Lipson 2:57, Rob Orlando 2:58, Eric Magee 3:07, Chris Spealler 3:19, Jason Leydon 3:32, Denise Thomas 3:35 (65lbs), James Hobart 3:48, Peter Egyed 3:50, Kristan Clever 5:27 (95lbs), Rebecca Voigt 5:40 (95lbs).

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“Behind the Games: Part 2” by Sevan Matossian, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

WOD Demo with Chris Spealler – video [wmv] [mov]

WOD Demo from Hybrid Athletics – video [wmv] [mov]

29 thoughts on “Monday 9 August

  1. Morning class was a lot of fun. Skill work during the warmup and after the WOD led to some leaderboard changes on Turkish Getups. I thought Russell would run away with this one, but Greg H’s ability to put 95 lbs overhead quickly and unbroken led to a big win for him. All the ladies worked hard as well, especially on the TGUs, and Steven posted a new #1 spot to replace his old #1 spot on TGU.

    My morning WOD:
    Bench Press
    225-225-225-225-230-235 (3RM PR)

    then “Annie” with hip extensions
    double unders
    hip extensions

  2. 5:50 RX. Great class very quick on the WOD but everyone pushed really hard. Congrats to Mega-Man for kicking my ass on the back extension competition.

  3. 6:13; 41# and 200 m sprint.

    My legs and butt are killing from yesterday. Great job, everyone!

  4. 4:46 Rough. I was smoked after that. I climbed hills on my Cannondale on Saturday. A few laps on Eastview Rd between Hughes and Slaughter put it on me!! Great morning class as usual. Loved the Turkish Get Ups. It is such a great mix between balance, strength and concentration. See everyone in the am.

  5. 6:12 @ 75#, 200m sprints. I feel sorry for the folks that get to do this one in the heat this afternoon. Morning class was great!

  6. i did 31# and the 200m run in 5:07… i would have been faster but i had a little run-in with a hulking, shirtless man. it was a breath-taking experience to say the least, though somewhat less magical than i had pictured in my head. i think that at some point running into jakub at full speed should be programmed into a workout. it’ll make ya tough!

    1. hahahaha. Although I have never dreamed of it, I also ran into him. He didnt move nearly as much as I did. I almost turned a complete 360. I hope your leg is ok!

  7. 3:51 Rx’d

    I had a great time with the 6:15 class. Saw some incredible TGUs from Brittany and Jeremy. During the WOD Ryan was on my heels the entire time. Kept me on the run, and he’s probably responsible for me coming in sub-4. Congrats to Sarah W. on her first double unders!

  8. 5:01 rx’d

    Almost got that sub 4 min, ALMOST!! Cool workout, was fast and furious.

    After the workout, I got a PR in turkish get-up. Got 85 pounds (used a barbell)

  9. Loved tonights WOD! Went in early and got my first DU’s! (thanks to patrick, jeff, katie, and david). 5 in a row!
    5:34– 31#, 200yds (bronze + 200yds).

  10. I did todays workout except I did 25 air squats instead of the ground to overhead. My time was 5:33. Great job 6:15 class! Brittany did awesome at taking first place on the leader boards for consecutive pull ups and the Turkish getup. Also way to go Sarah for catching on to double unders so quickly!!

  11. 5:28 rx’d. Fun workout!

    Enjoyed sticking around afterwards to work on MU’s. Thanks to Daniel and company for all the tips. I’ll get it, damnit.

  12. 4:02 Rx’d

    Running after Jeff helped my time out a lot.
    PR’d on TGU at 75 lb BB, had 85lb all the way to laying back down but dropped it. Overall enjoyed 6:15 class.

    1. Good going Ryan..way to work it. Appreciate the push, I was trying to catch you and Jeff but couldn’t quite get there.

  13. Enjoyed the 5:00 class. Kudos to Jeremy and Brittany for their strong Turkish Get-ups! I was impressed with how well many picked up on the TGUs for the first time. Everyone worked hard on the WOD! Jeff and Ryan were racing to the finish. Good times.

    I got 116 (PR) consecutive double-unders by surprise before class started. That is two short of Patrick’s best. I am coming for you, P!

    1. Thanks for the support David. You, Jeff…all of the evening class was great, and great support.

      4:43 rx’d

  14. 6:36 Rx’d

    Was hoping for sub-6 and probably would have done it had I taken shorter rest periods. Consecutive pull-up PR: 18 and TGU PR: 53# KB. First time trying TGUs and I kinda surprised myself with the PR. Thanks Katie for cheering me on!!

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