Friday 13 August

Chuck Taylor's at CrossFit Impulse


50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

Kim Malz 5:00, Dave Castro 8:00 (GHD).

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21 thoughts on “Friday 13 August

  1. Great pic!

    Attempted double-unders. Rope length and wrist snappage is key.

    16:37; 50-40-120(single)-80(single)-10
    50-40-30-20-10 sit-ups

    1. LMAO…. “no no ..Lets get one thing straight..i did piss and sh!t myself but i was kipping too”…I miss CFI..cant wait to get back in there!

  2. I saw several smoking jump ropes during lunch today. I managed my very first ever DU, so shocking I literally stopped. πŸ™‚ 10:20 Bronze. I love this stuff.

  3. 10:10

    Gold with some singles:
    20 DU’s and 80 singles, 40 sit-ups
    15 DU’s and 60 singles, 30 sit-ups
    20 DU’s, 20 sit-ups
    10 Du’s, 10 sit-ups

    Got 5 in a row unassisted pull-ups verified by Christina (had to be verified for Scott to believe it!!)

  4. Did my first rx’d workout today…very excited…My time was 14:58. Thank you for all the encouragement during the 6:15 class, Jeff and Erin B. ya’ll are awesome! P.S.- Does anyone want to come over later and watch me cut the torn calluses off of my hands? They smell elite…

  5. 13:48 Rx’d. Timing is brutal on du’s. I swear if I step on that rope and it slaps my arm one more time…

  6. Practicing DUs these past few weeks paid off. 7:21 Rx! Thanks for the support Daniel and Hudson.

  7. 9:30 Rx…had soooooooooo much fun at the 6:15 class!!!! Katie is pretty much awesome. Lonnie…we all know you are like the mac daddy at DU…so stop rubbing it in our faces πŸ™‚ Daniel…stop giving me the stink eye. Thanks again Jeff for all the cheers.

  8. Did this one today with britt and david. 12:04 rx’d. Tristan came and busted out a few pullups in his baby muscle shirt today. Put the big guys to shame.

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