Tuesday 28 September

CFI Fundamentals September 24, 2010

Prescribed by Jordan

Every minute on the minute perform 7 box jumps (m: 24”, f: 20”), in the remaining time, perform max rep front squats (m: 115, f: 75).  Front squats will be taken from the ground.  Repeat this every minute for 12 minutes or until you can’t complete a front squat rep within the minute.  Your score is your total number of front squats completed.

Post front squat reps to comments.

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“Weightlifting Mindset” for the 2010 CrossFit/USAW Weightlifting Open with Casey and Natalie Burgener – video [wmv] [mov]

22 thoughts on “Tuesday 28 September

  1. Intorduced Tabata squats to the cardio crew at Alexander’s tonight (we only did 4 rounds, as part of the warm up). They loved it! Looking forward to more squats tomorrow! My legs are going to be burning.

  2. Jordan: Thanks so much for this little slice of Heaven. If yesterday’s deadlifts made sure that I couldn’t sit down, your little workout will make sure I can’t stand up. It’s all about balance right?

    49 glorious front squats.

  3. Better late than never…
    Race report on my blog from a 10 km race I ran this past May: http://bit.ly/d486cM

    Using CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance was able to run about one-ninth the distance as compared to last year and run over 4 minutes faster (49:01 to 44:44).

    Thought some would like to see some commentary and data analysis on it.

  4. Waddup homies?! I’m sore but glad to be back. This one hurt more than I thought it would. Score- 29. 18″ box and 55#

  5. 32 Front Squats – 24″ box and 110# Front Squats.
    This WOD on top of yesterday’s was definitely a gut check. I’m sure my lower body soreness will be taken to the next level in the morning.

  6. Welcome back Tristan. We are going to kill you your first two days back.

    I did 85 lbs. FS and ended up with 54 final count. This one sucked. Thanks Jordan. I knew you loved me.

      1. Thanks Greg. Its always good to be in the box with such motivation. Most of the time you can’t find that amount of motivation anywhere, including the military. At least that’s my experience.

  7. Finished with a score of 60 rx’d in the 5:15 class today. Killer WOD. Those box jumps got real hard real fast.

    Good time coaching the 6:30 class today. Everyone looked great on your front squats. Its fun for me to watch people improve on lifting form. Had some people link double unders for the first time in the warmup today too. Congrats on that!

  8. Small, but fun 5:15 class today! Way to push through this tough one. Kudos to Jordan for a well programmed WOD!

    I worked out with the 6:30 class. I scored 81. I was gunning for the 100 mark, but realize at about round 6 it wasn’t going to happen. Box jumps became a challenge coupled with the front squats.

  9. 75 reps @ 9 rounds

    Back started to hurt after 9th round so I shut her down. Trying to take it easy for a week or so to let my back have a rest. This is easier said then done though.

  10. 28. 65# front squat, 20″ box jump. Wish I could have done more but after yesterdays dead lifts, my back was screaming at me. 🙁

  11. 42 Reps with 55# and 18″ box. Thanks for the pain, Jordan… better sleep with one eye open!

  12. 74 Rx’d

    Box jumps were the easy part…front squats killed. Incredibly tough WOD. Thanks Katie for keeping score and cheering me on! Wednesday rest day for me!!

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