Monday 4 October

Freddie strikes a pose

For time:
50 front squats (m: 65 lb, f: 45 lb)
5 rope ascents
40 front squats (m: 85 lb, f:  55 lb)
4 rope ascents
30 front squats (m: 105 lb, f:  70 lb)
3 rope ascents
20 front squats (m: 125 lb, f:  85 lb)
2 rope ascents
10 front squats (m: 145 lb, f:  100 lb)
1 rope ascents

Post time to comments.

Front squats will be cleaned from the ground.

Congrats to Patrick and Lisa Fink on achieving CrossFit Level 1 Certification!

Jack Cotter: 30 Muscle-ups in 2:34 – video [wmv] [mov]

20 thoughts on “Monday 4 October

  1. Congrats Lisa and Patrick!!!

    Silver: I did rope ascents instead of the towel pull ups

    30 FS @45#
    2 rope ascents
    20 FS @ 55#
    2 rope ascents
    10 FS @ 65#
    2 Rope ascents
    5 FS @ 75#
    1 Rope ascent (Grip was shot on last round)

    Time 24:41

    Everyone worked really hard this morning! Great Job Guys!!

  2. Tried Gold and got cut off at 35mins on the last round. I had to do 95# half the third and the full fourth set.

    I had a hard time pushing myself this morning. Maybe I was in a bad mood or just wasn’t “feeling it”. What do you guys focus on to keep pushing yourself? I might just be trying too much weight, too fast. (I badly need to work on my clean.) I’m starting to feel like I’m hitting a plateau. I don’t want to get “desperate” and end up hurting myself.

    1. Ben,

      I’d be glad to talk to you about pushing yourself and hitting a plateau. This is something I would like to talk to you about in person to get all the information necessary. If you are interested, let me know and we can talk.


    2. Ben, in addition to what David said, patience may be an issue. This stuff works, but it does take time. Don’t expect too much from yourself too soon. Always remember to scale the WOD for the right intensity and don’t tackle too heavy a load if it will slow you down below where the WOD should take you.

      1. Thanks for the advice, guys. We’ll talk next time I see you David. I think Jeff’s point is probably most accurate. I’ve not spent a lot of time in a gym so it’s hard to know what to expect over time.

  3. Killer class this morning. I am not certain what this workout would be classified as as far as the system that it taxes the most, but it is where I am the weakest. Medium weights for a medium length of time. I burn through the squats then I am gassed. Then I finally get my breathing under control and get some climbs in and then I am gassed. I can’t decide or don’t know how to pace something like this. I can pace wicked long and wicked short/heavy, but this type of workout kills me. My forearms are also completely trashed. Feels good. 34:44 rx’d. That 35 min cutoff was taunting me. Thanks Daniel for the coaching and for ordering up the cold weather. Felt great to walk out there after the workout. Like home!

    1. Greg, one tactic I use with myself is when I transition between movements I start the next movement just a little sooner than I think I should. I always tell myself, “You can rest again if you need to, but go ahead and get some reps.” Invariably, I become focused on the task of completing the new movement and I keep at it without giving myself that second rest break I promised myself I could have if necessary.

      [this section isn’t necessarily applicable to you, Greg, just my thoughts in general] For instance, on Fran I think it is absolutely crucial to attack the pullup bar. Jump on it as soon as you step in front of it. Your body is hurting, but the pullups are a different movement than the thrusters, and you will be able to do a few. I see many people stare at the bar, chalk up, walk to the water fountain, walk back and forth in front of the bars picking the right one…All that is fine if you need that as rest before beginning the next movement, but I often don’t think it’s necessary, and it wastes a lot of time. I can see cutting 30 seconds off 5-8 min WODs just with more efficient transitions.

  4. 33:16 RX
    My throat hurt after those last 10 from yelling so much. Rope climbs are still slower than they can be. First WOD with 15 Rope Ascents!

    Tried Patagonia’s Caprene 1 shirt during this workout and was surprised on how cool it kept me through the whole workout. I seem to overheat during many WODs, which seems to hinder my performance.

  5. Gold. Replaced Font Squats with Power Cleans. Had to replace a couple rounds of rope climbs with towel pull-ups. I did however finish with a rope climb. 29:39. Good workout. Very tough one for me. As others have posted before me, I get winded early. I can tell it is not as bad as a month or so ago but it is still happening.

  6. I did the following to save my back from such a taxing WOD after my back injury:

    40 FS (65lbs)
    2 rope climbs
    30 FS (75lbs)
    2 rope climbs
    20 FS (85lbs)
    1 rope climb
    10 FS (95lbs)
    1 rope climb
    5 FS (105lbs)
    1 rope climb


    I can only imagine how bad this would be Rx’d. Congrats to all that challenged this one no matter how you did it. This one sucks.

  7. Today I did
    30 FS 45#
    2 rope climbs
    20 FS 55#
    2 rope climbs
    10 FS 65#
    1 rope climb
    5 FS 75#
    1 rope climb
    My time was 15:58
    First time doing that many rope climbs! No matter how many times I do it, they are still scary! Great job 6:30 class thanks David for teaching!

    1. Thanks, man. I wouldn’t have come in under 20 minutes without your motivation. That’s the least comfortable 20 minutes I’ve experienced in a long time.

  8. I did Gold, with scaled weight on the front squats

    40 FS 35lbs
    5 rope climbs
    30 FS 45lbs
    4 rope climbs
    20 FS 55lbs
    3 rope climb
    10 FS 60lbs
    2 rope climb
    5 FS 70lbs
    1 rope climb

    Awesome class as always! Thanks again Sarah for the leg warmer thingy’s, they saved my legs:)

  9. 34:55 rx’d

    This WOD tackled one of my huge weaknesses…squats. Honestly, I was just glad to finish. Even though my time wasn’t exactly stellar, I am pleased that I was able to link so many front squats. I feel like my leg strength is finally starting to improve.

  10. 19:48 Rx’d

    Megan, Clint, and Robyn owned the ropes during my 5:15 class. I think Megan climbed it 9 times. I thought she was done with her WOD, but she just kept climbing, and climbing again…and again. Robyn is also a rope climbing machine, even if she does go all Australian on me and tie knots with her feet as a clamp. 🙂 However gets it done!

  11. 32:22 Rx’d

    Thanks David and Daniel for throwing weights on the bar and encouraging me at the end, otherwise I might not have been able to get myself to finish rx’d. Front squats ended up being tougher than the rope climbs for me. Thanks 6:30 peeps for keeping me motivated…this WOD was incredibly tough.

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