Wednesday 6 October

Brittany bench pressing


For time:
Run 1 mile
Row 2K
Run 1 mile

Post time to comments.

Compare to 100509.

Two-Minute Drills Part 5: Internal Rotation” with Kelly Starrett, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“Isabel-Off” with Josh Everett and Dave Lipson at the CrossFit/USAW Weightlifting Open – video [wmv] [mov]

Sean Lind, 175lb bodyweight Turkish Get-up, YouTube.

33 thoughts on “Wednesday 6 October

  1. Wonderful Programming. I was gonna take tomorrow off to do some pace work running. Now I will do this workout instead. Thanks David!!!

  2. 22:38 Rx

    Did this before on May 9 and got 22:22, so close but no cigar.
    One positive I will say about this morning’s performance is that I don’t think I killed myself as bad as last time. That’s good in that a similar performance is not as taxing on me now, the bad is that I should have gone faster.

    Where I felt I had trouble was on the rower. I wanted to try for ~20 minutes total this time and the goal was to shoot for as close as possible to 6 minutes on each run and 8 minutes on the rower. A 8 min. 2km row breaks down to 2 min. 500m splits. I hit a wall about 6-700m into the row. I was able to pick it up towards the end about the last 4-500m.

    Today’s data:
    May 9 Jerry Data:

    What’s interesting is a split comparison between today and May 9.
    1 mile run: 6:36 vs. 6:12
    2km row: 8:51 vs. 9:00
    1 mile run: 7:08 vs. 7:08

    Now this is all from a manually pressed lap button so we can’t get too focused on the times, but it looks like I didn’t go fast enough on the first mile. The row part may have improved a little bit and I was dead even on the last run.

  3. Have fun Patrick. The legs were toast after the row but I had to push through it because I didn’t want the wife to beat me again!


    Going to make up front squat/rope climb today.

  4. Great workout. 24:02 at the garage door. First mile was 7:35, row went well, but I didnt get the time. Close to 8 because I stayed in the 1:55 to 2:05 range. The next 800 was crap and then the last 800 was 4 min. So I was happy that I could suck it up and bring it home, but once again it is that third quarter of the workout that I lose steam. I would say it is 85 – 90% mental. Great Job Russell.
    BTW goal was 24:00 so overall I am happy with the workout.

  5. I ran 3 miles this morning for time; is it a bad idea for me to do this WOD this evening? Especially since I don’t know What the warm up is.

    1. Ashley, unless you’ve got some tendinitis or shin splint issues going on right now then I think you’ll be OK. Morning and evening miles are a great way to build your capability for overall mileage. The first time I ran 6 miles in a day I did 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. From there 5-6 miles at a time wasn’t a big deal.

      If the warmup is too much then you can scale it back.

      1. Hey Ashley, I was just joking about the warm up. Its nothing crazy. Don’t worry πŸ˜‰

  6. In 12 weeks, I’ve seen such huge improvements in my capability. Today I stood there and waffled between scaled and Rx’d. Thanks to Christina for letting me start out with the really fast guys so I would have longer than the 30 minute cut-off to complete the WOD and I made it in 32:18 Rx’d. πŸ™‚

  7. 30:56 Rx’ed. The second run kicks ass! I was so rubbery and out of breath after the row, I thought I was going to collapse! I was really hoping for a sub-30 time, but considering my sporadic attendance at Crossfit due to various ailments, I’m happy to have done it prescribed. Jerry took my breath away… literally πŸ™‚

    1. I should have said the second run “kicked my ass.” “Kicks ass” makes it sound like I thought it was awesome. It was very not awesome. Quite the opposite.

      1. lol @ “it was very not awesome.” Glad you’ve been able to resume training consistently with us. I’m sure you’ll continue to see leaps of progress.

  8. “Jerry” 29:17 Rx. πŸ™ i would of done better if it wasnt for doing a PFT today. I’m finished with my complaining. I’ll probably be back for some more self-inflicted abuse tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  9. 30:42 Rx’d “Jerry”
    Thank goodness I had Sarah with me through this thing. We were neck and neck for the most part and it really helped to have someone there to push back when I wanted to stop. I second Robyn on the bugs – definitely got my protein today!

  10. 30:46 Rx’d.
    Thanks for dragging my butt up that last hill Lauren! I couldn’t have finished strong without you! Ditto on the bugs!

  11. Did a team WOD with Sarah and Megamann…
    300 air squats
    200 18″ box jumps
    100 55# power cleans
    50 pullups
    25 push ups

    Way to go Megan for getting her first pull up today!! I told you, you could do it!! You are awesome!

  12. 29:17 Rx’d …the mile runs weren’t bad but that 2K row was brutal. I was just rowing with my eyes closed for the last 1000 meters.

  13. 25:53 Rx’d

    Splits were approximately 7:15-10:18-8:20. Rowing is definitely a weakness, and running after that row was awful. Thanks Tyler and Greg for the encouragement on the rower…you guys knew I needed it!! Like Robyn, I didn’t like the bug swallowing part either.

  14. I did this workout today (10/8) because Wednesdays are my off day and I cant do squats due to hip problems. Total time was 24:37. The row killed me. First mile was 6:50. The row took me almost 10 minutes. It took me almost 400m of the last mile to get some sort of control over my legs. I would like to do this with a group to see if I could knock off some time.

    Thanks for the encouragement lunch class!

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