Friday 15 October

Lonny throws wall ball shots

Three rounds for time of:
15 Hang Power Cleans (m: 135 lb, f: 95 lb)
15 Burpees

Chris Spealler 2:48, Austin Malleolo 3:04, Rich Froning Jr. 3:10, Jason Khalipa 3:19, Tim Burke 3:31, Stacie Kroon 3:32 (95lbs), Miranda Oldroyd 3:53 (95lbs), Mary Lampas 4:02 (95lbs), Heather Bergeron4:23 (95lbs).
Post time to comments.

Compare to 100423.

WOD Demo with Miranda Oldroyd and Mary Lampas – video [wmv] [mov]

Rich Froning Jr. and Heather Bergeron on today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

9 thoughts on “Friday 15 October

  1. How funny. You guys must have your programming dialed in. This is like the third time this has happened just since I have been here. You are truly synched up with crossfit mainsite!!! I love it.

  2. Great Class this Morning!! Sub- Split Jerk for Hang Power Cleans, due to belly interference :D…

    3 rounds: 15 -55# split jerk + 15 burpees

    Time: 7:15

  3. 3 rounds 15 115# Hanging Power Clean +15 Burpees


    Tried my hand at the 95lb Turkish getup. I got right to the point of sliding my leg back but just could not keep the weight centered. Next time I will be more prepared for the balancing act.

  4. Semi-Annual Navy PRT was today. Numbers were as follows

    92 push-ups in 2 minutes (Navy standard is break 90 degrees not all the way down)

    82 sit-ups in two minutes

    10:02 1.5 mile run. Ran in my Brooks instead of Virams and I actually think it slowed me down a bit. Still the top Navy guy in all of North Alabama though and a PR on all from my last PRT 6 months ago. Not to bad for being out of all working out for 4 months.

  5. 6:51 rx’d

    Rotten Clem Shadey got me by 6 seconds. Thanks again for the push, man.

    Congrats to Alex on his first muscle up!

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