Monday 18 October

Alex performing L-pull-up

Rx’d by Hudson

8 Rounds for time:

2 Muscle Ups

4 Clean and Jerk (m. 135, f. 85)

6 Box Jumps (m. 32″, f. 24″)

Post time to comments.

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Rob Orlando, 30 Muscle-ups, Isabel and Grace for time – video [wmv] [mov]

Dave Lipson, Jason Khalipa and Dave Castro on the 101016 WOD, by Again Faster Equipment – video [wmv] [mov]

11 thoughts on “Monday 18 October

  1. 10:25 Rx. Had a good time training the lunch class today. Gean is starting to master the muscle up, and Nathan did awesome for his first time at a split jerk.

  2. 12:03 Rx’d
    This was a really great WOD Hudson, awesome programming! I linked the first few rounds of MUs while I could. That really helped me get some momentum going mentally. Fun WOD!

  3. 17:24 – 30 second delay = 16:54

    I would have had a better time but it took me a couple minutes to get last muscle up. Loved the WOD, maybe next time I will remember a pair of shoes also.

  4. Awesome WOD! Never really knew what people meant by a “lung burner,” but now I fully understand lol! I did bronze, 6 rds: 3 box dips, 3 pull ups, 4 Clean and Jerk 65lbs., 16” step ups. Thanks again Jeff for the coaching! I totally forgot my exact time, but I think it was somewhere between 11:30 and 12:00 mins.

  5. 11:00 Rx’d.

    Loved the packed out 6:30 class tonight and the conversations afterwards. Thanks for your patience with me as I implemented the trainer/athlete method (and started to do it incorrectly). Congrats to Robert on his first muscle up! Freddie is also really close.

  6. I did 8 rounds with 70# bar, subbed pull ups and bar dips for muscle ups, and used a 24″ box. My time was 14:51 Thanks Brittany for being an awesome partner! You are the only reason I made it under the 15 minute cut off! You totally kicked that WOD’s butt! Thanks Jeff for teaching and awesome 6:30 class!

  7. 14:54 w/ pullups/ringdips. Still having trouble with my MU technique during WODs. Need more practice. Talk like cave man. Good job Lonny!

  8. Kudos to everyone in the 5:15 class for grinding through this one! I enjoyed coaching you all. You made me want to do this one. Joe will have his muscle-ups linked and consistent in the near future.

    I made up CrossFit Total with Daniel.
    Back squat – 295(f)-295-305(PR)
    Press – 155(PR)-160(PR)-165(PR)
    Deadlift – 345(f)-330-350(f)
    Total = 800

    I wasn’t feeling it on deadlift today. Thanks for the support Daniel.

  9. 11:43 Silver-ish. I sort of did an amalgam of all the scaled versions: 8 rounds; 5 each of GHB Dips/Assisted Pull Ups (started with blue and had to go to green the last few rounds); 55# C+J; started with 20″ box but then moved to 18/16″ (whichever was available). I forgot to do my pull ups on the second to last round, so I doubled up on the last round. Wish I’d pushed myself to stay on the 20″ box and blue band, but overall I’m pretty happy with today’s WOD! I really enjoyed the trainer/athlete dynamic; thanks to Jeannette for all your help!

  10. 14:38 Sub MUs with pull-ups and bar dips

    Started out with ring dips for 2 rounds then moved to bar dips. The 6:30 class rocked! Thanks Katie! Way to keep going! You totally killed that last round and showed it who was boss!! 😀

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