8 thoughts on “Tuesday 19 October

  1. Rough one! I liked that it was long though. That is the greatest challenge for me. I did regular kipping pullups and 2 abmats for the HSPU. Stayed with 135 for the front squats although I am paying for it now. Great job morning crew.

    1. 100 squats
      25 double unders
      75 squats
      50 double unders
      50 squats
      75 double unders
      25 squats
      100 double unders

      18:42.. linked my first double unders today! got up to 35 in a row at one point

      1. I told you it would come with practice and one day you’d just knock out a bunch. Congrats!

  2. This WOD wrecked me both mentally and physically. I was only able to complete 8 rounds in the time limit. Handstand pushups are an extraordinary task for me for some reason. I’m going to have to give them some special attention in the future.

  3. 35 min cut off: 7 rounds + 1 FS.
    I had the same problem as Hudson. Those HSPUs killed me.

  4. I made up Crossfit total today
    140lb Back Squat PR by 65lb
    60lb Shoulder Press
    205lb Deadlift

    First time doing this, thanks for all the help, David, Brittany, and Jordan!

  5. Really enjoyed coaching this WOD during the 6:15 class! It was motivating seeing everyone work through this one, despite the rainy conditions.

  6. 31:06 Modified
    Ten rounds of:
    Run 150 meters
    7 Chest to bar pull-ups
    7 Front squats 115 lbs
    7 Handstand push-ups (1.5 rds std, 3.5 rds 1 abmat, 5 rds GHD assisted)
    The palms of both of my hands tore nicely from the 70 Chest-to-bar pullups.

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