20 thoughts on “Monday 25 October

  1. 19:30 Rx’d with 70# C&J I am just glad that I made it before the cut off, push ups were definitely my limiting factor. Great job tonight Robyn and Brittany!

  2. As usual, I had a great time at CFI tonight! Kudos to Greg for his strong finish. Jeff killed it like he always does. Daniel met his goal time. All of the ladies worked hard as well.

  3. 12:08 w/ 185 lb.

    Enjoyed coaching our 5:15 class today. Everyone was really rocking the C&J after the dedicated skill work. It’s difficult to break yourself of pulling early with the arms and muting your hip, but many of you were able to get it corrected. Had fun WODing with the 6:30 class. I was dejected that Katie beat me to the low pullup bar.

  4. Enjoyed working out with the lunch class — thanks Hudson on the help with my Jerk. 16:00 with 70lb. Pushups were by far the most difficult part.

    4:00 class did great today! Really proud of Leanne for finishing all ten rounds! Enjoyed coaching Lauren H. for the first time! Overall, another great day at CFI.

  5. well considering I went to the doctor at 1 o’clock and got anti-biotics and a steroid shot…I decided to go easy on this one.

    11:09 — 6 Rnd’s RX’ed with 115 lbs for C&J.

  6. Made this up from home today.
    12:28 w/ 165# C&J.
    Should have gone higher with C&J, but
    really do not know my 1 RM.
    Look forward to being back starting in Nov.

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