7 thoughts on “Sunday 24 October

  1. Did this one with 225 DL and 115 OHS – 12:54. Still having trouble with my OHS. Thanks for all the encouragement at the end guys. It helps more than you know.

    Congrats to Lauren, Kelsey, Janet, and Rick on graduating fundamentals!

  2. Had a great time coaching you guys today. I was proud of everyone for scaling really smart and focusing on technique. Looking forward to seeing our new Fundamentals graduates around CFI!

  3. As others have said, overhead squat was a challenge for me. To keep up intensity, I went with 95lbs overhead squat, and 205 on the deadlift. Finished in 10:38. This workout took a lot longer than I thought it would.

  4. 7:56 – the scaling was right for the intensity and time duration. I really had to scale down to get my OHS form corrected. I have some lower core work to do as well.

    70 lb deadlift
    11 lb OHS

    1. I feel ya Melissa, we had the same time finishing.
      For the OHS I started with 41lbs then ended up scaling down to 21lbs to keep my form right. My deadlift was 75lbs. Its my lower back I need to work on.

  5. 8:28
    105-DL and 55# OHS. The dead lifts got me on this one! Didn’t help much that I had been doing yard work before I came in to the gym!!

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