Affiliate Team Selection

CrossFit Impulse invites you to compete with your fellow athletes for spots on our affiliate team. Our team will help us achieve excellence both together and individually through training, dedication, and camaraderie. Furthermore, we will choose our affiliate team in a competitive and transparent way. Read on to find out more:

1. An affiliate team needs a minimum of two women and two men. Six total athletes can be on a team, but only four compete at a time. Team members must be willing to travel at their own expense one weekend in May/June to compete at Regionals.

2. A minimum of one workout will be chosen each week through the end of February for the affiliate team qualification. Workouts will be announced on Mondays. All members signed up for the team will be required to do the workout by Saturday of the same week. Workouts must be done at CFI under the supervision of a CFI trainer.

3. Standards will be set for each workout to ensure fairness and consistency.

4. Scores with the name of the athlete and the CFI trainer present during the workout must be submitted to Christina no later than Sunday at 7 PM each week.

5. Athletes earn points for each workout based on how they finish. For example, the winner will receive one point, second place two points, third place three points, etc. At the end of the qualification period (March 1st 2011) scores will be totaled from all workouts. Each gender will be ranked separately. Athletes with the lowest scores will be eligible for CFI’s affiliate team. The team will be selected from the top down until all male and female slots are filled. The top athletes from each list will be invited to compete on the final co-ed team.

6. If you miss a workout due to injury, travel, unforeseen circumstances, etc. then you will be ranked last in that workout. Don’t worry; you’ll have enough scores that 1-2 misses won’t matter much. Athletes that diligently turn in a score each week will be at an advantage, which is expected and desired for a team member.

7. Athletes that scale qualification workouts will finish below anyone that attempts the workout prescribed, even below athletes who do not finish (DNF). DNFs will be ranked by reps completed.

8. Individuals can compete in Sectionals and still be on the affiliate team. However, athletes that qualify for Regionals must choose whether they want to compete individually or with the team. Team members that elect to compete individually will be replaced by the next qualifying team member from the list.

9. Skills to work on to ensure the success of our team:

  • Muscle-ups
  • Handstand pushups/ Ring HSPUs for males
  • Double-unders
  • Chest to bar pullups
  • Pistols (both legs)
  • 24” box jump and higher
  • Ring dips
  • Accurate full depth wall-ball shots (10’ target)

4 thoughts on “Affiliate Team Selection

  1. The first WOD will be announced the 29th of November, the Monday after Thanksgiving. If I’m counting correctly, that means 13 qualification WODs, with the final WOD announced on Monday 21 February and completed by Sunday 27 February.

  2. Really looking forward to this. The anticipation of seeing the WOD each week will add to the fun of friendly competition.

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