Monday 15 November

Team WOD (Rx’d by Daniel)

In teams of 2 or 3 athletes, perform the following work for time.

25 Pullups

50 Deadlifts @ 135/95 lbs

50 Pushups

50 Box jumps @ 24″

50 Floor wipers @ 135/95 lbs

50 Kettlebell ground to overhead @ 1 pood/ 0.75 pood (each hand)

25 Pullups

Listed reps are per athlete, so multiply by the number of team members to get total reps. Partition reps as needed between team members (doesn’t have to be equal), but you must complete each exercise before moving on to the next in the list. Only one athlete may work at a time.

*Floor Wipers – Lie on the floor with back and legs straight. Press a barbell directly over chest (as if doing a bench press while lying on the floor) and hold it in the extended position. While keeping legs and feet together and straight, lift legs up and touch left side bumper plate with your toes. Lower legs back to starting position, and then touch the right side plate with your toes. Each “plate touch” is one rep.

13 thoughts on “Monday 15 November

      1. This is actually an old school Gym Jones workout from a few years ago. Also known as the “300 Workout” due to the 300 total reps. It was also the “graduation workout” to a ton of the guys in the movie 300. I thought it was a great workout, so I added it to the WOD grab bag of goodies.

  1. yeah… the previous “fun” statement…

    I take it back… those kettlebells put me down! Thanks to Jeff and Greg for helpin me push through! Good solid workout!

  2. Thanks to Jeff for correcting me on my form a couple times and motivation and Lonny for picking up a few extra reps. This workout was a tough one fer sure. Blue band scaled pull-ups and 26lb kettlebell then 10lbs to finish it out. Need to work on my shoulder strength. Everything else was as prescribed. 29:50.

  3. Had fun working with Leah on this — I was worried I might not have a partner 😉 26:17 was our time a lot of different substitutions for us — Kipping and blue band pullups, 95lb deadlift, reg. pushups, 20″ and 18″ box jumps got the first 60 with 20″ I had to drop down to the 18″, 55lb Floor Wipers, and 18lb kettlebell GTOH. Good workout it was extremely difficult. Thanks Leah for picking up a lot of slack 🙂

    Everyone did really well during the 11:30 and 4:00 class. You all set the bar high for the evening classes!

  4. Did this one with Brittany at 6:30. Our time was 25:53. Had a lot of fun!
    Kipping pullups,95lb deadlifts,regular pushups, 20″ box jumps, 55# floor wipers, and 20lb DB GTOHs. This work out was tough but fun at the same time! Great job everyone!

  5. We always push ourselves harder when someone is counting on us. Today was no exception. Kudos to Hudson and Alex V. for turning the fastest time of the day.

    This one was murderous. I teamed with Greg H. and Craig R. Kettlebell ground to overhead felt like 50% of the workout. Thanks to Greg for carrying us with the kettlebells. 28:14

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