13 thoughts on “Friday 19 November

  1. Ha, I must be psychic… I did this last night on my own. 10 rounds + 12 reps rx’d.

    Between cindy and wednesday’s wod… I have total body soreness.

  2. Gold for me, made it 4 rounds with no band, then went blue. 12 rounds + 13 reps. Thanks Christina for helping keep my head on straight and Melissa…You are such an inspiration, you just keep right on keeping on!! Jonathon nice job getting past 16 rounds! Woot!

    1. Not as good as I wanted. 20 rounds + 20 reps. Pushups were the limiting factor. We hold the standard of chest to ground and locked all the way out at the top. I gave it all I had today.

  3. Did this today with Sarah W., Leanne, and Melissa J. during open gym today. 18 rds + 13 ( PR by 3 rd + 13) Thanks for the push ladies!

  4. 22 rounds +15 reps. Aggravating that I was 15 squats away from a new pr. Either way, I’m happy with my score. Cindy was a lot worse than I remembered. Thanks to Jeff, David, Alex for setting a HI standard today. Really pushed me.

  5. 9 rounds of mini-cindy (bronze)… 16:06. Looked up after 9 and saw my 15 was up, so just recorded the time elapsed. Discovered that a vertical post in front of my face improves my squat form, though! Forces me to stay more upright, and I worry less about falling over backwards since I can catch the bar if that happens (it did once or twice :blush:)

    1. That’s actually a really good idea, Rick. Awesome way to “force” someone to keep their chest up, and at the same time giving someone something to grab on to if needed to prevent falling backwards. Great tip, and good job yesterday keeping your intensity high!

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