Tuesday 23 November

Leah doing sumo deadlift high pull

Partner WOD for time:

100m Buddy carry

125 Wall ball shots (m:20-lbs; f:14-lbs)

100m Buddy carry

100 Pullups

100m Buddy carry

75 Overhead squats (m:95-lbs; f:65-lbs)

Cash-out: 4 rope ascents

The workout begins with partner one (P1) buddy carrying partner two (P2) 100m.  At the 100m mark, you will switch partners and P2 will carry P1 100m.   The work can be divided how ever you like, but each partner must complete a minimum of 20 reps of each movement.  Only one partner can work at a time.  The workout ends with the cash-out of 4 total rope ascents.  Each partner must complete at least one rope ascent.

“Teaching the Muscle-Up To A Large Group: Part 1” with Pat Sherwood, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

High Fat/Low Carb Diet Reduces Epileptic Seizures in Children– New York Times

18 thoughts on “Tuesday 23 November

      1. Most likely the 6:30 class… but if i can get out early from work to hit the 5:15 that would be ideal. We’ll see


  1. 29:45 with Johnathan RX. Johnathan has about twenty five pounds over me so it was a big challenge. This WOD felt like the Filthy Fifty after.

    I felt much better after I met Pukey outside my apartment complex. A shower and a Paleo breakfast later and I was right as rain.

  2. Gean and I did this WOD at lunch. Our time was 23:12. Gean did OHS w/ 65lbs and I substituted 95lb Front Squats for the OHS. It kicked our butt. Especially the last buddy carry and Squats

  3. Awesome working with you Jeremy! You are a beast. We were 27:00 Rx’d. And a combined team weight of 460lbs.

  4. Tough WOD with David and Jason today. Both you guys pushed it and carried us through some tough spots. David in the wall ball and partner carry, and Jason in the OHS. I’m proud of a 3-man score of 24:39.

  5. 25:59 w/ Bill (75# OHS), John (45# OHS) and myself (75# OHS). Enjoyed working w/ you guys!

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