42 thoughts on “Affiliate Team Qual Week 3

  1. 5:15 class killed it tonight. Finished the class out with 8:24. A PR, I’ll take it any day!

  2. 13:14 Rx’d! Thank you to everyone in the 6:30 for the push through this–I really didn’t think I was going to get through it before the cutoff (if at all). First time doing unassisted pull ups, too, so I’m happy.

  3. 6:29 Rx’d with Christina as my trainer

    Worst workout I’ve done to date in terms of feeling like I’m going to die. A PR by 2:17 since my first Rx’d Fran in September. Thanks everyone for the push!

  4. DNF. I completed the first round (21 thrusters, 21 pullups) and got 5 thrusters in the second round and had to stop. My back felt like it was about to pop so I stopped. Pretty embarrassing. First time to attempt Fran Rx’d. I will do better next time.

    1. You probably did the smart thing, man. It takes a different kind of discipline to stop when you know you should stop, but you want to keep going.

    2. You did great today Freddie! I am glad you are learning your body well enough now to know when to throw in the towel… I only wish I had learned it as early on as you have!

  5. First time doing Fran. My time was 12:26 and Jeff was my trainer. Not the time I would have liked, but I made it through (: Thanks for all the support from the 6:30 class tonight.

  6. 11:11 Rx – Lori Bean

    6:25 Rx – Scott Bean

    with Christina

    Thanks for all the support today! Screaming at me to get back on the pull up bar really helped! I thought I was going to lose my lunch after doing this one.

    1. Pretty frustrated with how this turned out. On these metcons I’m doing as well as I expect myself to do, not that my expectations mean much of anything. Not sure if I am mentally psyching myself out and sabotaging myself before or during the WOD.

  7. DNF. I finished the first and second rounds and did 8 out of 9 thrusters in the last round.
    Hudson was my trainer.
    Went on to finish in 16:36 after the cut-off, which is still a minute faster than my last Fran.

  8. 8:00 Rx’d – Daniel/Christina

    Thanks for the cheers today from all the homies in the Sunday class….terrible on my part for taking almost 2 min to finish my last two pull ups.

    Not happy Jan…even if it was my first attempt at FRAN!

  9. The PRs that come just from knowing you’re going to be listed on a spreadsheet next to everyone else are incredible. Several folks hitting 2 minute PRs from just 3 months ago. That’s absolutely amazing. Strong work–everyone.

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