12 thoughts on “Monday 13 December

  1. 6:38 RX’d this is not only a PR by 2:24 but also on weight of 10lbs. This is my first ever prescribed “Fran” I am extremely happy with this overall! Even though I know it will be blow out of the water later this week by all the ladies still to come 🙂

    1. Very proud of you today. You handled the Rx’d load better than I’ve ever seen you handle 55 lbs, and improved your time to boot. Well done.

    2. I am proud of you too! You have improved significantly over the past few months. Keep it up!

  2. I had a lot of fun at CrossFit Impulse tonight. I worked out with the 5:15 class. Everyone in the class went Rx’d and finished under 9:00. That’s impressive. My time was 3:04 (PR).

    I coached the 6:30 class. This was a fun class to coach! Joe really pushed it on pull-ups. Alex finished with an awesome time. A big kudos to Mandy for not only finishing Fran Rx’d but linking her first unassisted pull-ups during it! Great job!

    Congratulations to Jeff on his sub-3:00 Fran, 2:48 to be exact! Great job, brother!

    1. Thanks, man. You PR’d by about the same amount (~30 seconds). Honored that I’m able to keep you chasing me.

  3. Great 5:15 class tonight. Everyone finished in less than 9 minutes, and I think everyone went prescribed. That’s really astounding. Alex I. really stepped it up today. His progress has been accelerating lately.

    I decided to hang out during the 6:30 class and recover a little more, so I got to watch them duke it out. I was really inspired by Jason and Mandy. Jason took his Fran PR from over 21 minutes to 9:11. Mandy also finished in a shade over 13 minutes, and it was her first time doing unassisted pullups. Furthermore, she linked 4 pullups during her 15 set. How does that happen?

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