Affiliate Team Qual Week 5

A kettlebell sits in front of a climbing rope with chalk in the background

Week 5

Three rounds for time of:

10 Ring Dips

20 Overhead Squats, 95 lb male – 55 lb female

30 Wall Ball Shots, 14 lb male – 10 lb female

20 minute cutoff

Ring dips must be full depth. Rings must touch arm pits/shoulders and arms must be fully locked out at the top. Kipping is allowed. Bar starts on the ground for overhead squats. Overhead squat must come past parallel and hip must come to full extension at the top. Wall ball shots must physically hit the blue tape and squat must come past parallel.

Affiliate Team Standings – Men

Affiliate Team Standings – Women

37 thoughts on “Affiliate Team Qual Week 5

  1. 10:04 rx’d with Lil C. Haven’t hurt like this since the week 1 WOD. Excellent programming from Christina, IMO.

  2. 14:31 rx’d with Christina.

    The overhead squats coupled with the wall balls set my lower back muscles on fire. Great Wod, was hard to push through it on the last round.

  3. 15:31* with Christina as the trainer.

    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement throughout the workout, it really helped! But, special thanks to Christina for providing insight on what I was doing wrong with Overhead Squats. I have yet another nemesis…

    * Too whomever is keeping track of the times. I told Jeff, David & Daniel 15:35 after the workout, but Mandy tells me I finished at 15:31.

    P.S. Jeff, the trailing “…” were for you!

    1. I only disagree with excessive use of the trailing dots. You guys have got me all wrong…

  4. 126 reps DNF with David.
    This was a difficult workout for me because I struggle with all three of these movements. I was happy to start the third round my goal was to get to the second. Thanks for all the support guys — those ring dips would not have happened without the extra push!

  5. DNF 172 reps with Lil’ C and Baby B

    Definitely irritated that I didn’t finish another WOD yet again being so close to the end. But this one was tough. Ring dips and wall balls are huge weaknesses of mine. Thanks guys for the push at the end!

  6. 19:06 with Christina
    This one was really tough. I stuggled on the OHS a lot. Dips and wallballs went about as I expected, but those OHS were brutal. I think I failed on them 7 or 8 times, including twice on the final rep.

  7. Having issues logging in. DNF 1 with Hudson (+84 scaled).

    My goal today was to get at least one ring dip and one was what I got. It took me eight very frustrating minutes to get it. I kept trying to get another until I couldn’t lock out at the top anymore before going down (around the 10 minute mark). Finished out the 20 minutes with a scaled version: blue band assisted ring dips, 55/35 lb OHS, and 10 lb wall balls. Got about 15 reps into the second round of OHS before time ran out. Man I’m going to be sore tomorrow! Thanks to Hudson, Alex, and John (from a CF affiliate in NC) for the encouragement and tips.

  8. DNF. 68 reps. Lil C was the trainer. Time ran out on me.

    Even with only completing 68 total reps, it was a tough workout. One of those where an hour later your arms and legs are still shaking. Yeah, one of those. 🙂

    Im very weak in so many areas. But, Im getting stronger physically and mentally. This is forcing me to attempt the WOD Rx and it is really helping me. Each week, I PR on something. Today I did more ring dips than I ever have at once. I also have never done 20 OHS @ 95#. So even though I didnt finish the WOD, Im pleased with how I am progressing.

    The end.

  9. DNF 0 reps w/ Christina. My apologies to Baby B who surely needed “earmuffs” after my language due to frustration today.

    1. No, no really it’s me, Lori!!

      OK, for real, I did DNF 1rep with Christina. Got 1 ring dip right after 3,2,1 GO and couldn’t get another one for 20 min!! Thanks Christina and Sarah for the motivation and help. I would have never tried one if it wasn’t for this Impulse Games we have going!

    1. Very nice. See, your plan of practice early in the week and performing the WOD late in the week paid off. There was no need to be so pessimistic. None of this stuff is magic. Sometimes it does take time for the adaptation to occur, but if you have a requisite level of strength and some persistence then a ring dip is nothing that can’t be conquered.

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