Affiliate Team Qual Week 6

A kettlebell sits in front of a climbing rope with chalk in the background

Week 6

30 minutes to find 3 rep max of Front Squat.

Athletes may warmup as necessary, but may not use a loaded barbell during warmup. Athletes can set weights near their lifting stations, however, no weight will be put on bars until after time has started. Athletes must be standing in front of their bars at the beginning of the workout. After 3-2-1 GO! when the clock starts athletes may begin loading their bars and begin lifting. Athletes must come past parallel on each squat and stand each lift to full hip and knee extension. A trainer must be present for all three squats to verify depth and extension. There can be no question about whether the athlete has met depth; if the rep is questionable then it does not count. Athletes may drop the bar after full extension of the third and final lift. Athletes must request a trainer to watch the lift to ensure legitimacy. Athletes may request the trainer to verify a legitimate scored lift as many times as desired during the 30 minutes. Best 3RM completed and verified during the 30 minutes may be reported for score. Report lift (in pounds) and trainer that verified the lift to the comments here by 7PM on Sunday. This is the only accepted reporting mechanism.

Affiliate Team Standings – Men

Affiliate Team Standings – Women

34 thoughts on “Affiliate Team Qual Week 6

      1. My 1RM is 260 from November. Based on other PRs lately, I think I’ve got 270 in me today. 3RM is typically about 90% of 1RM, so that would be 243. 90% has always been pretty difficult for me to hit for all 3 reps, so I’m probably gonna hit 235 as my backup and then go for 240-250, depending on how 235 feels.

  1. 230 with Jeff.

    Thanks to David for pushing me. I went in thinking I would go with 225 at first and go up. David encouraged me to go with 230.

    My left hip flexor (in that area) was hurting after that 3 rep set at 230. After waiting a while I decided to try for 240 and got it twice. Happy with the results. I think my hip pain is due to my negligence to not stretch and work the tension out of those muscles and connective tissue post-workout.

  2. 245 with David.

    This is why I’m doing 5/3/1 once a week for squatting. Thanks to Alex and David for the encouragement on my multiple failures with 250.

  3. 275# x 3 Rx’d with Hudson.

    Beat my 1rm by 5 lbs on this one thanks to the push from Hudson. Should have waited a day to game ryan!

    Jeff, goal on this one coming in was 255 x 3 with my 1 rm being 270. Definitely feeling pretty good about my results. Looks like tomorrow will be the make up for today’s WOD.

  4. 200# with Lil C as the trainer.

    I got 155-175-195(PR)-200(PR) today. I stopped because the last rep on 200# hurt my back a little. No need to push it. I hit the 200 mark I was aiming for so I stopped. Thanks everyone in the lunch class today for cheering me on. It helped a lot, especially Leah S. willing me to standup on that last rep 🙂

  5. 150#(3RMPR) with Daniel and Christina.

    My 1RM on 7/14/10 was 145. I was really surprised to get 5 over my 1RM. The last one was so ugly! So I didn’t even try to do 155. I might have shot a vertebrae through the wall behind me. I am learning that I get stronger when I rest more. I still need to work on my metcons though. Finding the balance my body needs is difficult to gauge. I am learning, slowly.

  6. 90 with Daniel and Lil C.

    My left wrist has been bugging the crap out of me for the last few weeks and I think it seriously limited the load I could handle. Tried 95 several times, but stopped short of the 30 minute cutoff because I didn’t want to make my wrist worse.

    In other news, got my first strict pull up, kipping pull up w/ vest, and L pull up tonight!

  7. 145 w/ Daniel
    Jordan – awesome job, you really pulled through on that last one. Greg – thanks for racking my bar for me!

  8. 110#, Christina as trainer
    Finally, an affiliate WOD result I can live with 🙂 I know it’s a low weight compared to most of the class, but it’s only 5 lbs under my 1 rep max. Thanks Ginga for working out with me, you definitely help my confidence level!

  9. 225 with Daniel and David. My form was so degraded by that point that I opted to stick with it rather than re-injure my back. Thanks to Scott and Alex V. for sticking around and yelling at me.

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