15 thoughts on “Monday 3 January

  1. 55# was rx’d weight for women Jordan.

    Gold reps, silver weight 35#, blue band, for me. 17:47.

    Thanks Daniel for pushing me out the door and I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Whoops, just saw you already answered her question!

      Good job this morning, Michelle. Way to keep the intensity high.

    2. Thanks guys. I thought I was gonna get a chance to do this WOD at work today. Did “fighting fire for time” instead. That was much more exciting! I do need to do more FF style workouts though. This fire kicked my ass! If I have anything left after the affiliate tomorrow I’m gonna have a go at it after.

  2. 20:00 Gold reps with 35#. Barely made it within the cut off. Need to work on running and pull ups. When I get tired I need to try for just one pull up at a time instead of trying to link 3.

  3. Everybody who did the affiliate WOD today is gonna love tomorrow’s WOD. I think Christina has ESP.

  4. Lot of energy and a lot of athletes in the 5:15 tonight. Brittany crushed this one. I also got to verify some awesome front squat loads for this week’s affiliate WOD. Looks like Ryan is the man to beat with either 275 or 280 (can’t remember), and David got a better 3RM than me at 20 lbs less body weight.

  5. I enjoyed coaching the 6:30 class. Tesha made some solid improvements on her OHS during the workout. Alex failed on a 3RM front squat attempt to later come back at the end of the time limit to stand it up successfully. Kudos to Jeff for not leaving anything in the tank on his last rep of his 3RM front squat attempt. Solid effort!

    Jeff also attempted a Turkish getup with Mandy tonight. I think he can do it fresh. I vote for another attempt later in the week.

  6. Went Gold on this one (65# OHS) everything else the same. The OHS killed my time. I struggle with keeping the weight balanced. I think it is more mental than anything. My time was something lke 17 or 18 minutes. I was about to passout and couldnt see very clearly.

  7. I haven’t worked out in like 3 weeks! Man, it felt good to be back!
    Bronze 18:06 green band
    out of shape:( and this big growing belly doesn’t help!

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