Affiliate Team Qual Week 8

A kettlebell sits in front of a climbing rope with chalk in the background

“Fight Gone Worse”

Three rounds of:

Wall ball two feers, 14 lb male 10 lb female (reps)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 75lb male 55lb female (reps)

Pistols (reps)

Push Press 75lb male 55lb female (reps)

Row (calories)


In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. On call of “rotate”, the athletes must move to next station immediately for best score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

Wall ball two feers, the ball must make contact with the ten ft target and two squats must be performed with one throw for a rep to be counted. Sumo Deadlift High Pull must make contact with the ground in between each rep. If at anytime an athletes’ back rounds or the movement is not being done safely the CFI trainer can stop the athlete or require the athlete to lower the weight if they wish to continue the movement (if weight is lowered the workout is no longer RX’d and will be recorded as scaled). Pistols must be conducted with alternating legs each rep. The squat must be past parallel and the opposite foot cannot touch the ground for the rep to count. Push Press must start in the rack position along the collarbone and arms must come to full extension with a portion of the athlete’s ear visible to the trainer. This is an 18 minute workout. It is required to conduct this workout as a trainer/athlete workout. Meaning you must have a partner to count reps and rounds for you. It is also required that the partner judge your two feers. The ball must touch the 10ft mark and the second squat must come past parallel. If it is questionable if the squat is below parallel it does not count as a rep. After the 18 minutes the athletes may switch and repeat.

Post official results to the comments here by 7 PM Sunday. This is the only accepted reporting mechanism.

Affiliate Team Standings – Men

Affiliate Team Standings – Women

44 thoughts on “Affiliate Team Qual Week 8

  1. 286 with Christina. I hit my goal of getting somewhere close to my original FGB score of 291. 2fers were somehow not the suck fest I anticipated, but the repeated hip extension and squatting throughout the wod really added up. I’m writing this from an ice bath. I figured if my quads were sore 2 hours later that I had better do something for them else 2 days later might leave me unable to train. good programming.

  2. 248 rx’d with Jeff

    Im happy with my score. Went better for me than I imagined it would. I agree with Jeff about the 2fers, sucked less for me than regular wall balls. I think going first, and then having to count reps while half dead was one of the worst parts! Haha. Awesome job to my partner Justin on this one. You dominated the row!

    1. Thanks, man. I want to see what David, Alex V, and Ryan (who has done the WOD but I haven’t seen his score) are able to do. This especially hits a few of David’s strengths (pistols, wall ball, pressing), and none of his weaknesses.

      1. It’s going to be hard to beat 286, brother! Great job on this one. I was hoping to partner with you. Oh well, maybe I can sweet talk someone into counting my reps.

      2. I’ve pretty much got to the point where I have to do the affiliate WOD as early as possible in the week else I have chronic diarrhea and lack of focus from thinking about it.

      3. BTW, I might be okay if I had stamina in all of those areas. I can do a couple of pistols, wall ball two-fers, and presses without much problem, but a minute worth after other work and for three rounds will cause problems.

  3. 213 Rx’d with Daniel.

    Killer workout. Really enjoyed the trainer/athlete system with Daniel tonight. Extra motivation and I don’t have to keep up with my reps!

  4. 236 with Christina as the Trainer and partnered with Freddie.

    This one was not as bad as I had feared. It still left me dead on the floor after it but it was a fun one. I agree with Jeff and Daniel on the 2fers, they were not as bad as I thought as long as you kept them steady. Did my first pistol in the first round and managed to get a couple more each round, even got some on my left leg. Guess I just needed to be warmed up to get them. Thanks for the motivation Freddie.

  5. 156. Hudson as trainer
    This workout was horrible! I seriously thought I was going to pass out or throw up…or both. 🙂
    0 pistols, but I did make some progress on them. I’m struggling with full depth.

  6. 153 w/ Jeff as trainer.
    Round 1= 8-23-4-17-11
    Round 2= 2-15-10-12-10
    Round 3= 4-10-8-10-9

    Started out great and just went downhill from there. These are the first pistols I have ever done, and I’m proud of that. Bummed about my wall balls. It’s alot of effort and to not hit the target sucks. Like Leah, I felt like I was going to meet Mr. Pukey today.

    Thanks to Zan & Daniel for cheering me on & counting for me! Wouldn’t have gotten some of those last reps if it hadn’t been for ya’ll!

  7. 264 w/ Daniel as trainer.

    R1: 21-28-24-22-14
    R2: 12-19-20-17-11
    R3: 11-16-19-17-13

    Wallball was by far my most difficult spot; I had 8-10 “no-rep” wallball shots. Fortunately, pistols seem to have made up the difference.

    Big thanks to Jeff and Daniel for cheering me on and keeping me from stopping too much.

    1. Thanks guys!

      Although, I think Jeff’s countdown had a lot to do with my performance. As I was trying to fall asleep last night, I kept having flashbacks to Jeff saying “10s! Better give me 2 more reps! 3s! Don’t stop, you have one more rep in you!!!”

  8. 248 with Daniel

    Thanks to Daniel and Tyler for pushing me since I was being a baby and was wanting to stop after round one. This is my least favorite WOD and it is all mental.

  9. 195 rx’d with Christina as trainer and Craig as my other trainer.

    Man, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this bad after a WOD. Wall ball twofers on that last round sucked; I got more no-reps than legitimate reps.

  10. 227 Rx’d with Christina.
    My shoulders were killing me during the WOD! Now I can’t walk. I did better than I thought I would on the 2fers. My accuracy has improved quite a bit. The only thing that upset me was that I rested too much. I have to get “I can’t” out of my vocabulary somehow.

  11. 256 rx’d w/ the entire gym watching before fundamentals (Donkey Dan was coaching). Appreciate the encouragement from everyone.

    Struggled with the bar movements as my lower back started to cramp up, but managed to make up reps elsewhere. Looked like a drunk failing a field sobriety test during some of my pistols.

    R1: 22-16-20-18-21
    R2: 17-12-17-17-17
    R3: 14-12-18-18-17

  12. 241 rx’d with Jeff counting for me… “miss, miss, MISS”… if only I could hit the blue tape. Thanks for the push Jeff and keeping me honest!


  13. 246 Rx’d with Christina.

    I will meet this one again soon. I totally tanked after the first round. For some reason, I just didn’t have any fuel left in the tank. We’ll see what happens when I do it again.

  14. 240 Rx’d with Christina and Jeff

    Thank you so much Jeff for counting my reps and coaching me on this one!! I couldn’t have done it without you encouraging me to get a few more reps in each time! Definitely made the difference. 🙂

  15. 152 with Jeff. Thanks everyone for the support! Whom ever programed this should be fired! 🙂

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