11 thoughts on “Tuesday 25 January

  1. Scaled

    Tried to go as Rx’d, but after 3 MU’s my nagging shoulder injury started to flare up. Then scaled to 24 pull-ups, 24 situps, 75 squats.

    Good to see the 0530 crew back and now growing…I think CFI just got a couple future firebreathers, welcome guys!

  2. Silver 17:05

    Awesome class this morning and a big welcome to Chris and Robbie(sp?) nice job by both. Kurt great job on pushing hard for those last squats.

  3. Silver Scaled: 18:44
    R1: silver (24 bar pull-ups, 12 ring dips, 75 air sqauts)
    R2: scaled (24 band bar pull-ups, ball butt massage, 12 dips, 50 situps)
    R3: scaled (24 band bar pull-ups, 12 dips, 45 situps)

    I greatly enjoyed my first class! I looked at the workout and was like that is awesome and then Christina told us about our awesome warmup that we do before it! Haha. Good stuff.

    Aaron: way to set the bar high! I think I will fall into the insomniac firebreather. lol

    Michelle: Its Robby with a “y,” no big deal. Thank you are the rest of the class for the motivation and it was good to meet you all.

  4. scaled to 3 rounds: 5 MU’s and 50 squats.

    Tried to just take it easy tonight and get in some skill work in preparation for the affiliate tomorrow night.

    Awesome job to Katie and Daniel on the affiliate!

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