17 thoughts on “Wednesday 26 January

  1. So in MTV (chuu) reality douche bag world (chuu) good mornings (chuu) are subbed for (chuu) squats (chuu) but called (chuu, ahh!) squats?

    For another good laugh, check out this guy’s “routine” on his website. It looks all too familiar before my re-education.

  2. What a WOD in the house this morning! I lived and that’s all.
    Gold, with chest to bar (blue band), 20″box, 75# and a lot of sweat. 5 rounds plus 2 burpees. Great crowd this morning and I think Chris is a closet crossfitter, he’s too good to have just come though fundamentals. Just sayin’ 🙂

  3. I made a really nice sweat outline on the floor in the shape of my body after the workout during the time where I was trying to decide if I had died or not. Thanks, David for the motivation during the workout. Lol, thanks Michelle :-). I’m really enjoying working out with everyone. Looking forward to many more WODs like this.

    1. This is a good equation for rhabdo:

      “Weekend partying (Drinking) + Creatine/Supplements requiring high water intake + Intense off-season workout programs beginning and coaches not supplying water (“Making players mentally tough”) = Good chance of major dehydration and kidney issues (rhabdo).”

      I stole this from a comments section about the Iowa team. With that many of them getting rhabdo, I bet there’s is something other than intense exercise contributing. Hydration is really important.

  4. 5 rds + 2 Chest to bars. I did gold weight on the squat cleans though. Thanks to Christina for the extra motivation at the end. My hands ripped open 2 rounds in and by the end I was dreading getting on that bar for the CTB’s.

  5. I’ll be feeling this one tomorrow. What am I talk’n about, I feel it now. LOL
    5 rds + 10 CTB.
    Silver w/20in Box jump

    Now, I’m going for a 3 mile run. :-p

  6. Did Annie today! 14:44 A lot better than the DNF during the Affliate 2 weeks ago. Finally linking the DU’s.

  7. 5:15 class was awesome. So much energy and so many great athletes tackling this one at once. I was especially impressed with Zan’s resolve on the pullup bar. The unique 6″ feet off the ground standard forced her into using a larger diameter bar with a higher jump than normal. She never complained and excelled despite it. That’s the mark of a warrior.

    My WOD went down at 4:00 and ended with 8 rounds + 2 burpees (322 reps, for Christina’s spreadsheet). Was proud to watch Hudson beat me at 5:15 and Tyler tie me at 6:30.

  8. I did the 3 rounds of:

    -12 muscle ups
    -75 Air Squats

    Finished in 18:21

    Wasted a lot of time on the last two muscle ups on rounds one and two. For some reason I just kept failing on them. Enjoy this type of workout though.

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