9 thoughts on “Wednesday 16 February

  1. Really enjoyed coaching the 4:00 Eva challenge. Everyone pushed hard despite the overwhelming challenge and blistered hands. Michael and Jordan refused to give up even after their hands were torn pretty bad.

  2. 55:55 Rx’d

    This was the first time I have ever done “Eva”. She is no joke! My grip is demolished, but I’m glad I was able to finish. There is plenty of room for improvement. Now I have to spend the next few days doctoring up my hands.

  3. Silver 32:52 Still don’t have the shoulder strength yet to move up to the blue band for assisted pull ups; hopefully with time my recovery will happen a little faster.

    Thanks Jordan for the double under help!

    Thanks Hudson for the cheers! and Eva for kicking my ass.

  4. 44:51 rx’d… My hands are demolished after the affiliate and Eva! Will be back Monday!

  5. First time I’ve done Eva… She is a pain! 42:10 Silver. Bunch of room for improvement.

  6. 42:15 rx’d thanks for the encouragement from everyone at the end, no thanks to eva. Hoping not to see this one for a while.

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