12 thoughts on “Friday 18 February

  1. Yeah, well I don’t like you either Kelly. :-p
    1st rd Rx’d then 2rds gold + 400m in 25min.
    LOL this one was a tough one with that butt kicking warm-up.

  2. They have posted some awesome killer workouts this week and this was definitely one of them. I had a pretty good haze when I got back to the house trying to cook breakfast and get ready for the day.
    I did 3 rounds + 400m Rx’d + a few box jumps(not sure how many I fit into the time) in 25 minutes and finsihed my 4th round off at 28:40ish.
    Thanks for the push Christina

  3. Went to open gym today and did a workout programmed by my 6 yr old daughter!! I doubted the intensity at first and increased the load of the power cleans from 40# to 55#. Never doubt a 6 year old; this was a very good workout.

    5 rounds:
    20 squats
    15 power cleans 55#
    15 push-ups
    10 wall balls 10#


  4. I think this was my first full-blown workout to Rx (obviously max lift workouts not included) and it was a doozy.

    39:27 I think. The 20 lb. wall-balls were absolutely killer for me. A big shout-out to Christina for keeping me on pace at the end to finish under 40 minutes.

  5. What a great Fundamentals class today! You guys really nailed all the versions of the squat. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend!

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