Open Sectionals Hosted by CrossFit Impulse!

2011 CrossFit Games Sectionals

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The 2011 CrossFit Games Open begins on Saturday March 19th at CrossFit Impulse! The 2011 CrossFit Games Open will select regional competitors using an “Open Sectional” format. Starting on Tuesday March 15th, a workout will be announced each week for six weeks. The following Saturday CrossFit Impulse will host a Sectional Qualifier for that workout. This year the CrossFit Games Open allows any affiliate to host a “sectional style” event for each qualifying WOD, and that’s exactly what we’re doing!

Athletes will complete the workout under the supervision and judging of CrossFit Impulse trainers and other qualified judges. Athletes will then submit their scores to the 2011 CrossFit Games Open website and CrossFit Impulse will verify them.

CrossFit Games Sectional Qualifier

Final details on the Open Sectional have yet to be announced by CrossFit HQ. However, you can be assured of a few things:

  • CrossFit Impulse will offer the qualifying workout each Saturday at 9 AM in replacement of the regular Saturday WOD. CrossFit Impulse will “opt-in” each week as a qualifying affiliate to validate your score.
  • The qualifier will be run like a competition, not a regular WOD. There will be no group warmup, skill work, or mobility work. Athletes will warm up on their own before their heats.
  • Competitors will be required to register each week in order to participate. Register for the March 19th qualifier here.
  • Spectators are welcome to come watch, cheer, and support, but should not register unless they plan to compete or volunteer. No fee for spectators, of course.
  • We need volunteers! If you are willing to help with scoring, equipment, parking, and a myriad of constantly varied tasks then please go here and register as a volunteer.  Free drinking water and hugs available. But please do not register as both a competitor and volunteer.
  • Registration will be limited to 60 competitors each week, so register early to secure your spot.
  • Each week after the WOD is announced by CrossFit HQ we will announce the WOD on and provide a link to the registration page for that week.
  • Affiliate teams qualify for regionals this year based on placement of their individual team members. Therefore, any athlete wishing to compete on the CFI affiliate team must compete as an individual in the Sectional workout each and every week.
  • We will post each week’s results on Even though you are competing against a large pool of athletes in our region, you will be able to see where you placed among the competitors at our Sectional Qualifier, both weekly and overall.
  • We take consistency in judging seriously. Each athlete will be assigned an individual judge for his workout. All judges will attend a judges meeting each week to discuss the WOD, ranges of motion, and rep/no rep requirements. Judges will receive another final brief each Saturday morning and receive pre-formatted score cards for each competitor.
  • All athletes will be briefed on ranges of motion, rep/no rep requirements, and scoring prior to the workout.
  • The qualifier is free to all CrossFit Impulse athletes training under regular monthly membership.
  • Visiting athletes are welcome to participate in the qualifier by paying a $25 registration fee online.
  • Each week’s qualifier will be a fun, supportive, and fair atmosphere for completing your qualifying WOD!

Useful Links on the Structure of the Open Sectionals:

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More Details on Teams

CrossFit HQ to charge $10 per athlete and $20 per team for registration.

10 thoughts on “Open Sectionals Hosted by CrossFit Impulse!

  1. Cannot wait looks like a great time! I can only imagine what HQ is going to bring our way!

  2. We will absolutely need volunteers. As a matter of fact, later today I’m going to create a way for you to register for the event as a volunteer. Thanks guys!

  3. So does this mean each CF affiliate across the country must opt in to host and validate a sectional qualification wod? For example, if an athlete belonging to an affiliate in Bham, and this affiliate chooses not to “opt in”, does this athlete then have to travel to CFI, pay the $25 visiting athlete fee for each qualifying wod to try and qualify?

  4. Aaron, no affiliate is required to host a qualifier. It’s something we’ve decided to do because it’s an option for this year’s format. We think it’s the best option for fostering as many of our athletes as possible to participate and have a fun experience.

    Nobody would ever be required to travel and participate as a visiting athlete because they are allowed to video themselves doing the WOD and submit it directly if they want. Visiting Athletes who pay the $25 are doing that to get the experience of competition, perhaps a better score due to the competitive atmosphere, and not having to fool with the many PITAs of recording and submitting video.

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