Friday 4 March

Concept 2 Rower

Five rounds for time of:
20 Back Squats @ 135/95 lbs
20 Yard Handstand Walk

Connor Martin 12:02, Kim Malz 12:49 (95lbs), Kevin Montoya 13:20,Duncan Martin 10:18 (age 12, 65lbs, 10yds), Jack Marks 11:03 (age 12, 65lbs, 10yds).

Compare to Saturday, 10 April– Link to WOD post on CrossFit Impulse

Check out Jeff’s article on our affiliate team competition on the CrossFit Games website.

Yoga not challenging enough? How about a class in contortion? -New York Times

Russell Berger briefs his athletes on the CrossFit OpenCrossFit Huntsville

21 thoughts on “Friday 4 March

  1. If you plan to compete in the CrossFit Open then I highly suggest you watch Russell’s video. He not only does a great job of briefing the competition so anyone can understand, but he also gives some good strategies for ensuring you do your best on game day.

    Our format will be similar, except we’ll be doing the main event on Saturday morning and our secondary time to perform the WOD will be Fridays during Open Gym. Start preparing now.

    And if you’re on the fence–do it. You’ll be glad you did. I’ve never talked to a single person–not one–that regretted stepping up and competing.

  2. Russell’s video was really good! He’s got some great ideas in there.

    1. Thanks Hudson. Hopefully people don’t associate me with CFIBS or it could open up a new career.

  3. Great article. Did not anticipate reading about ‘chronically loose stool’, but it was a nice surprise. My question: is CFIBS related to heat farts?

  4. Great workout this morning with Ken and Michelle! Thank you David for the push….

    Gold: 75lb BS with 10 yd Handstand walk
    Time: 14:46

    1. Melissa great job on the handstand walks!!
      15:13 Gold with paralette up and downs. The wall walk and paralette movements both point out the underlying weaknesses in my shoulders. Great moves. Thanks David for the help with getting my behind down this morning.

  5. Congrats Ryan on being so proudly displayed on the CF Games website!

    Jeff, very nice article! Hopefully, it will be of some use to other CF affiliates and CF competitors.

  6. 4 Rounds total. 2 rounds of 20 back squats. Each round with a 45# bar. 2 rounds of 20 air squats each round. 6 wall climbs each round. Taking it easy for a while and staying healthy!! (as directed by Lil C)

    1. Great job today Freddie! At this rate we will have you running with the bulls by 4th or July 🙂

  7. Enjoyed my small but motivated morning class! You all did great!

    Following the morning class, I did today’s wod.

    26:02 Rx’d

    Handstand walks are what took so long. They are difficult when you have very efficient form like me.

  8. Did my first meeting with Helen Rx today at open gym:


    Wish I hadn’t dropped that KB on that last round!! Was going for sub 12. Thanks Brittany and Christina for the yells.

    1. Great job today Lori. I see that I too need to do Karen again to keep up with you guys 🙂

  9. Did Helen today for the first time RXd at open gym 12:10 which is way better than the first time I met with Helen and I did 20:01 with 3/4 pood and a green band on my pullups (: Thank you for all the encouragement Christina, Jordan, Zan, and Ryan!

    1. Great Job!! Wish we had done it together too! Chasing an invisible ghost Katie is not the same 🙂

  10. I did today’s WOD scaled down to 3 rounds but I didn’t catch my time. This was killing my lower back so I decided to back off. I had some good improvement on my handstand walks! Although I had trouble moving forward so it was a slow process. Great job on Helen today Katie!

  11. Mitch, Alex, and Scott seriously worked hard during the 5:15 class. Mitch was not content to half ass a wall walk. He went fully overhead every single rep no matter how much he had to fight for it.

    I did some shoulder mobility and ran about a mile. Did several pushups on the dumbbell rack and one bench pushup, although in retrospect that was a bad idea. Running feels pretty good now.

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