7 thoughts on “Saturday 5 March

  1. Shoulder press, 3×7: 85-95-100-105-110(1)-100-95
    After, 3 rounds of max dips: 12-10-7
    Hudson programmed an interesting team warm up of kill the other team with the med balls.

  2. Shoulder press 3 x 7
    45-55-60-65-70-71-75(PR) This was my previous 1RM

    Went on to try for a new PR on 1RM and got 80#!! I got my 5#’s back and then some (I had lost my 75# 1RM after the throwdown and could only get 70# during the Affliate WOD).

    Tricep dips: 3-5-6 Since I increased each time, I’m sure I didn’t do enough the first round!

    Thanks Amanda for sharing a bar with me and good job on your PR’s too!

  3. Fun warm-up Hudson.

    Worked up to 150 on shoulder press and 15-9-7 on dips. It’s good to be back and good to work out with old friends /points @ Bacon.

  4. Shoulder press: 55-60-65-70-75-80-85×2
    Dips: 14-14-12

    Great job Amanda and Lori on your PRs today!

  5. Did today’s WOD at home. Shoulder press 40-50-60-70x-60-60-60. Then max rep dips 3-3-3.

    We don’t have 2.5 pound plates, so I had to make big jumps in weight each time. I think if I’d been able to do it in smaller increments I would have been able to get 65 or maybe 70.

    Dips were a challenge, too. I wound up scooching our table next to our buffet/wine rack. Thank you Alex for getting me to go full depth!

  6. Quote for this picture: “No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.” -The Emperor from Mulan lol. Anywho…

    The “death by dodgeball” warm-up was fun.

    Shoulder press: 45-55-65-70-75f(2 reps)-72(yay for fractional plates!)-75

    Dips on bench: 9-9-10
    Special shout out to the ladies! They did awesome!

  7. Fun warmup, reminded me of dodge ball back in middle school. My shoulder was not up for shoulder press today so I made up my own skill workout with some movements from http://www.gymnasticswod.com.

    5 rounds: 20 superman, 10 rolling pistols, 20 hollow rock, 10 false grip strict ring pullups. I wasnt going for time, just trying out some different skills.

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