5 thoughts on “Sunday 6 March

  1. Awesome workout today! This week has been an intense lower back/leg workout for me.
    Great leadership skills Jeff. You were flexible with multiple peoples scalings at the last second, kept everyone motivated, and had good to the point tips during the workout.

  2. 14:32
    4 rnds: 8 MU transistions, 15 DL 145#, 30 walking lunges

    My ability to consistently do MUs is improving because of the transistion work. Fun workout!

  3. Fun class this afternoon. Took today to work on MU transition technique rather than drill everyone on building pulling power. Ben made some impressive PRs on C&J during his strength work. 15 lb power clean PR over last week, if I remember correctly.


  4. 12:36 (Scaled: 4 MUs)

    Looking forward to a good rest day tomorrow. Great yoga class! I am loving the yoga more and more each week!

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