12 thoughts on “Saturday 12 March

  1. First mile – 7:10
    Situps/hip ext. – 6:04
    Last Mile – 8:24

    Total of 21:35 rx’d

    Low back was fired up after all those hip ext. Killed my last mile time. Funny, the last 800m of my last mile felt much better than the first 800m of the last mile. Guess the low back had a chance to calm down some. Nice job to everyone that showed up and killed it today. Good luck and safe journey to our Tough Murder crew!

  2. I did a mix of gold, silver, and bronze: 1 mile, 50 sit ups, 35 hip extensions, 1200m. Finished after the cutoff 30:42. Even though, I went over, I’m happy that I did the mile first. Awesome weather for a run as well 🙂

    Have fun Tough Mudder crew! Looking forward to hearing the battle stories!

  3. My time was 24:41 rx’d. I 100% agree with Daniel that the last 800m of the last mile went much better than the first 800m of it. My back definitely loosened up on the back end but I realized that I would have been better off finishing up with sit-ups instead of back extensions before the last mile.

    Justin and Alex I. killed it this morning though. Way to go guys!

  4. 20:33 Rx’d.

    Thanks John. I was just trying to keep up with Justin. All I saw was the back of his shirt for both runs. I was all over the place with the situps and back extensions, probably lost too much time going back and forth. I also should have ended on situps, my back was on fire for the first half of the 2nd mile. But I just kept thinking, at least its only 2 miles instead of the 11 the Tough Mudder crew are doing. Great work everyone and good luck to the CFI Mudders.

  5. Marine Corps PFT. 300 out of 300 for the first time. For those that don’t know the PFT is composed of 20 dead hang pullups, 100 crunches, and a sub 18min. 3 mile run for 100%. I had a Captain who regularly competes in 5k races pacing me or I don’t think I could have run so quickly.

    1. A 300 PFT is a rare thing. Huge congrats!

      For those of you who might like a reference point, I’d say less than 0.5% of Marines in the Corps can score a 300 PFT. It’s easy for those on the outside to think, “Oh, all Marines must be really fit and able to do that.” But they really can’t. Not even close. Hudson’s ability is quite the exception, even among Marines.

      1. A sub 18 min three mile run is something that most local running specialist that train specifically for running never achieve. That really is impressive to hit sub 6 on all three miles back to back.

    2. Congrats on a great accomplishment! I have done the Marine PFT with Jeff several times and I know it’s difficult to max all three events.

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