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  1. Just a quick reminder, if you are competing in the CrossFit Open (sectionals) this weekend, then you must register as a competitor on the CrossFit Games site at games.crossfit.com. If you don’t do this then you are not officially competing in the CrossFit Games. Don’t be confused: this registration is not the same as registering to attend the event at CFI on Saturday, which many of you did weeks ago. We have 17 competitors registered to attend our event on Saturday so far, but only 12 athletes who have registered on games.crossfit,com. That’s a big difference, and it should be the same number. I wrote a post explaining everything you need to do. Check it out here:


    The first WOD is announced tomorrow! Time to get juiced!

  2. 185-195-205-215-225-235-245(fail)

    Finished with 235. Most I had jerked from behind neck before was 200. I’ll take a 35 pound PR any day. Locked out 245 once, but couldn’t keep control of it. Enjoyed working with Ryan and Tyler on this one. Working with two hosses will make you push yourself. Thanks to Alex too for the push each set.

  3. 95-100-105-110-115-120-125(PR)Had fun tonight, thanks for sharing a bar with me tonight Mandy and Christina (: Ya’ll did awesome!

  4. 85-90-95-100-105(PR)-110(x)-110(x)

    Happy with a 5 lb PR! Nearly had the 110 on the second try, but just didn’t drop under it enough and lock my arms out. Great working with Christina and Katie!

  5. 215-225-235-245-255-265-275(F)

    I had 275 over head and lost it on the way up, I really wanted to get Greg, maybe next time.

    Never done behind the neck jerk, but my previous split jerk from front rack position was 235. So PR for total Jerk by 30.

    Daniel was an animal tonight, throwing up a 35 lb PR! Awesome job man.

  6. 105-115-125-130-135-140-145(F)
    Not having done this particular type of jerk before, I learned that I should have ramped up the weight more quickly. I only had one try at 145 and I got it over head, but lost balance to stand it up. I ran out of time, otherwise I think I could have gotten it.

  7. Enjoyed coaching the 6:30 last night. Was awesome to see so much strong work from everyone. Fulty took top honors of the evening with 275, but many of the men were right on his heels. Congrats to Daniel on a huge PR!

    I did some shoulder strengthening for my injury. Achieved 10 dead hang pullups and did several rounds of shoulder press with 45 lb dumbbells. Non-overhead pressing is the most difficult for me right now. I feel like I can pull all day, but full plank pushups and dips are terrible.

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