Tuesday 15 March

Behind the neck split jerk

25 minutes of focused practice:

Rounds of

3 L-Muscle Ups

3 Inverted hang to back lever

3 Max effort freestanding handstands

This is not an AMRAP. Work deliberately and with a purpose, but focus on technique instead of time. As always, scaling is available for each movement.

The first WOD of the CrossFit Open Sectionals is announced Tuesday at 7 PM, are you registered?

How to register for the CrossFit Open Sectionals.

Guidelines for being a judge at an Open Sectional event.

Thanks to our volunteer judges that attended the judges training briefing on Monday. See the rest of you on Tuesday!


11 thoughts on “Tuesday 15 March

  1. Really enjoyed watching everyone learn during the lunch class. Every athlete made some great progress, and both Tim and Ryan achieved their first muscle up! Good to have Janet(hope I spelled that right) for her first class.

  2. This was a fun WOD working on these skills. I made some good progress working on muscle ups. Both Tim and Ryan got their first MU’s and that was gratifying and encouraging to watch.

  3. I worked on more shoulder strengthening. Did skill work in L-hang and sets of pistols just to change it up. Also did some handstands (against the wall) and got a HSPU. Low pressing and dips are still difficult.

    During the warmup I did two sets of double unders at 93 and 92. The max effort attempts gave me a headache that I may not have shaken yet. Getting back to 100% intensity is going to be a long road, but I’ve got the time and the desire, so I’ll drive it.

  4. I was able to get about 1/3 of the workout in. It was good.

    Lots of progress on these movements in the 6:30 class! Kudos to Lindsay for overcoming a fear and getting upside down on the rings! Handstand form looked much better across the board. Daniel and Ryan had a couple of nice handstands!

    1. Awesome Class Tuesday Night!!

      Thanks SO MUCH David for helping me conquer my fears:) You so awesome.

      My goal next time around is to get my handstand.

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