19 thoughts on “Tuesday 29 March

  1. 75-85-95-105-110-120(2reps)-120(x)

    I went from 110 to 120 just because 110 felt so good. I failed on the 3rd rep but I feel like I should have had it!

  2. 55-60-65-70-75-80

    A little bummed that I didn’t meet my last PR of 85#. This is a hard movement for me. For some reason my wrists hurt bad even with wraps. I don’t know if it’s a flexibility thing or what. Thanks, Lindsay and Sarah M. for pushing me!

  3. Glad to be back after being away for a week. 35-55-65-75(2 reps)-70(2 reps)-70-75. Did one extra round, tried for 85 and ended up getting 1 rep. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied. Thanks David for helping me with my form 🙂

  4. I was pumped to coach the 6:30 class. There were several PRs in the class. The two I recall most were Zan and Brittany both putting their previous 1RM up for three reps! Nice job ladies! Tesha really improved her mechanics on the thruster over the course of the workout.

    My results were:


    I probably should have started heavier. I will know next time.

  5. Maxed out today at 180. Thanks to David, Mike, and Mike for the help.

    I really enjoyed coaching the 4:00 Class today. Fun watching Luke throw around heavy weights and seeing the newer guys making progress on new movements. Audrey especially made some serious progress tonight.

  6. 85-95-100-110-115-120(1)(PR)-105

    Worked with Zan on this one. Previous 1RM was 115 so I’m happy with the progress.

  7. 135-155-175-185-195-200(1)-185(2)

    Tough movement for me but happy with the results. Previous 1rm was 180 from a year ago. Thanks to ryan, david, and daniel. Good luck everyone on the 11.2 WOD.

  8. Stayed at 135 for all sets to work on form and try to get explosive with the movement. Then made up Monday’s WOD. Killer. Ring dips were brutal. Thanks to Ryan for the push, eh!

    1. Christina is the usual source of the “through the rings” shots. Unsure though. Wasn’t me.

  9. 135-155-175-185-195(1)-190-185

    I need to do more explosion work and also shoulder mobility.

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