Thursday 5 May

Gayleen front squats

Donate to two local tornado victims through CFI’s Tornado Relief Effort.


For time:
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards

Hudson Slater 12:12, Jeff Barnett 13:26, Jordan Pepe 13:36, Zan Hamilton 16:10

Compare to 2 February 2010 at CrossFit Impulse

What’s Your Goal? -Tony Gentilcore


21 thoughts on “Thursday 5 May

  1. Sitting in this hotel, I have plenty of time to kill. Thought I would go back to the first website post that I could find here on the Impulse site.

    Was very interesting to scroll through some of the old post, and look at the photos. WOW, everyone has made such amazing progress. Everyones numbers and body composition has changed so much. Its cool to see what hard work and consistent training can do. Keep up the good work everyone!!

  2. Awesome class this morning with Michelle, Pam, and Hightower. All went prescribed and met their goals. After Hightower finished he ran another ~300m backwards with Michelle. Great teamwork.

  3. It was a great morning indeed! Thanks everyone for encouraging me backwards and thanks Hightower for hanging with me after you were finished. Overcoming seemingly simple fear like that always boosts my confidence. Not to mention running backwards made me appreciate running forward and uphill 🙂 19:57 Rx’d.

  4. :D! Miss you guys…I hopefully will be there tomorrow morning. Little Sutton is totally thrown of schedule due to recent events.

  5. Fair warning: during my class(es) on Friday, you will be required to either donate something (a tshirt, cash, anything) to the tornado victims, or donate burpees to me. You’re not gonna like the exchange rate if you choose burpees.

  6. How about we flip this around folks.

    I will bring a gift card or cash in exchange for some one armed burpees from you Jeff!

    For every $2.00 I bring, you give 1 burpee?

  7. I’ll play your game, but my burpees are full chest/thighs on the ground and full hip extension with a perfectly executed stacatto clap at top. Those carry a premium price: $5/burpee. I’ll do burpees well into the night to pay the debt, but it’s gonna take some teamwork to keep me moving for more than 10 minutes. Good luck. $500-$1000 shouldn’t be an unreasonable goal for a gym of 100 athletes.

    1. Sold! However, for this premium price, you will be held to your premium standard. Looking forward to hearing 10+ minutes of “perfectly executed staccato claps.”

  8. In a month and a half, this is the first WOD I actually hated. I loathe running but I managed to make it through silver in just over 12 minutes.

  9. Silver today at 9 minutes 53 seconds…Tough WOD but I loved it and made it through.

  10. Game on!

    I will leave my money/donation with the trainer of the 5:30am class if it’s not you. Along with a full bag of clothes I gathered this evening.

  11. Ah crap, I just accidentally posted the following on Sunday’s entry. I wish we could delete our posts when something like that happens.

    13:44 Rx’d.

    I really didn’t think this one was that bad except for the last 250m or so and should have pushed a little bit harder at the end. Bill kept me moving pretty fast though. I thoroughly enjoyed this WOD.

    On a side note, it seems like the week off actually ended up being a good thing as I seem to be stronger and have more endurance after the extended rest. I guess a little extra rest isn’t such a bad thing every once in a while.

  12. 13:09 rx’d. This was a serious quad burner. much harder then expected. Awesome job to Justin he smoked it.

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