Friday 6 May

Angelique tire drag

2 or 3 Rounds for Time:

100m Buddy Carry
Accumulate 100 Squats as a Team
Accumulate 100 Pushups as a Team
Accumulate 100 Situps as a Team

-During the squats, pushups, and situps teammates will alternate every rep.  Teammate 1 will do the first squat, Teammate 2 will do the second, Teammate 3 will do the third, and so on. No partitioning of squats and pushups.
-Teammates not working will rest at the bottom of the squat or the top of the pushup or the top of the situp.
-If one teammate is unable to complete a squat or pushup or situp or rest in the proper position, then the entire team will rest until all are able to begin again.

Teams of 2 will perform 2 rounds. Teams of 3 will perform 3 rounds.

“The Reebok CrossFit Open in Their Own Words: Week 6” by Again Faster Equipment, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“CrossFit at 67” with Jean Tordella, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

10 thoughts on “Friday 6 May

  1. The team WOD this morning was a blast with Kristen, we make a really good team. Silver at 16:48.

    Ok, Kristen and I set the donation tone this morning.

    Jeff owes me 20 “full chest/thighs on the ground and full hip extension with a perfectly executed stacatto clap at top” burpees.

    Bring it peeps!

  2. So much fun and many laughs this morning! Great team workout with Michelle. Silver at 16:48 and Jeff owes me 4 of his “full chest/thighs on the ground and full hip extension with a perfectly executed stacatto clap at top” burpees.

  3. Jeff did 201 burpee’s tonight…freaking amazing….i was of course to exhausted from the wod to help…but Mandy and Jason pulled a ton out of their butts to help him… guys rock!

  4. Really proud of our CFI family today and my wonderful husband for killing those burpees!

  5. “Randy” – 6:43
    “Griff” – 12:55

    Did both of these hero WODs during open gym today. Feels good to be working out again at almost 100%!! Thanks Christina for the secret! 😉

  6. Was very proud of everyone that tackled the team WOD today, but especially all those who donated so generously to our tornado relief effort. The $1005 we raised in cash and gift cards cost me 201 burpees in 17:xx after evening classes were done. If we had totaled all the goods that were donated I might still be there doing burpees! Thanks to Amanda for marking my reps with hash marks, which was really helpful in keeping me going, Jason and Mandy for deciding to volunteer some burpees of their own to keep me motivated, Zan for photographing and counting reps, and everyone who stayed to cheer us on.

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