14 thoughts on “Monday 9 May

  1. Monday morning is bad enough, but then add a 20 minute AMRAP and it’s hard to say whether people were in zombie mode or pukie mode. Everyone did a great job pushing past the Monday funk to get it done!

  2. Thank you Daniel for pushing us all this morning. One hell of a way to start the week…

    1. Good job pushing through those kettlebell swings, girl. I know someone is working hard when they start shout counting out their reps! Way to fight the suck and keep moving!

  3. Watching all u young crossfitters do pull ups is awesome!! I will do iit one day without jumping on a box but it may take me a long time!! 😉

  4. 6:30 class was jumping tonight! I appreciate everyone helping me set up the classroom for the nutrition class directly after the workout. Yes, it had more to do with keeping things on schedule than training value, but honestly, it does have training value. Unfortunately, moving the goal post happens all the time in nature and the real world. You finish that 12 mile hike with a ruck and find out you now have to assault an objective immediately. Or perhaps you finally crest a huge hill only to find you can now see you have 3 more just like it to climb. Nature doesn’t have any reverence for your mental or physical state when it demands work from you, so sometimes its good to prove you can mentally stay in the game even though you need to rest. It also has applications in leadership. No matter how tired a leader might be, he/she can’t just mentally check out–ever. Of course, that’s a good reason for a leader to always be more fit than those he/she leads. And now I’m rambling, so I’ll shut up.

    1. Glad to have the challenge.

      Your comment reminds me of how I felt after completing Tough Mudder back in March. I had mentally prepared myself for the race (the physical side could have used more work), but not for the half mile barefoot walk in the gravel back to our campsite afterward. Slowly and painfully, I made it most of the way and then broke down, gave up, and sat down while Alex walked on and got the car to pick me up. I won’t let something like that happen again.

  5. Back Squat Strength WOD
    5 @ 118
    5 @126
    AMRAP @ 135 = 4

    The 4th squat took as much time as the first 3 combined. I also learned the subtle differences between a power lifting squat versus a Texas style squate.

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