Tuesday 10 May

Lori chest to bar pullups

8 rounds, each for time:

100m sprint

Rest 90 seconds after the last athlete crosses the finish

You will race a group of your peers (divided into ability groups) during the sprint. During the 90 seconds rest of each round you will complete goblet squats according to your placement in that round. 1st place will complete 1 goblet squat. 2nd place will complete 2 goblet squats, and so on. Prescribed load for goblet squats is 1.5/1 pood.

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9 thoughts on “Tuesday 10 May

  1. What a fun WOD. I am really liking sprinting and pushing myself on running and can not wait to see my times improve. 21.8/19.08/16.8/18.1/21.3/21.3/21.5/19.3

  2. Thank you Jeff for not prescribing anything I need grip for. Looking forward to this one.

    1. That was definitely a consideration. I could tell that everyone’s grip and shoulders as a whole were pretty beat up after yesterday.

  3. WOW, it sure was a hot one. Thanks Ginga and Christina for the motivation! This reminded me again of why I never did track in high school.
    I think this 100m was longer than the first 8 rounds of 100m sprints I did back in Oct. Who knows 🙂

    15.9-18.0-19.1-19.2-19.9-20.3-21-20.7 + 22 Goblet squats with 1 pood

  4. Fun 5:15 class today. Justin’s sprints were crazy fast, but Joe actually ran him down and got an 11.xx second time on the first interval!

    This was a much needed workout for me. My ability group was Alex I, Ryan B, and Tyler D. I managed to place last my first 5 rounds, and 3rd for the final 5 rounds. Always run racing each other in sprints.

  5. Some serious competition at the 6:30 class. Kept all the sprints between 12.5 and 14.5~15. Going to feel this one in the morning.

  6. I really think the 100 m sprint days are one of the hardest workouts we do. I rarely get my heart rate so high for so long. Splits ranged from 12.2-13.9. Joe smoked the first round! Did this one with Russell awhile ago, except uphill in front of CFI. Glad to have a time on a flat course now. Definitely going to really push it next time and try to get a sub 12 sec round.

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