Wednesday 11 May

Five rounds for time of:
5 Overhead squats @ 135/95 lbs
10 Toes to bar
15 Dumbbell hang squat cleans @ 40/30 lbs each hand
20 Double-unders

Dave Lipson 9:03, Kristan Clever 14:04 (135lb OHS, 40lb dbs).
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10 thoughts on “Wednesday 11 May

  1. Thanks to Jordan for a great job teaching the class this morning.

  2. Enjoyed teaching the 5:15 today. Jordan and Alex I. impressed me with how fast and consistent they stayed throughout the WOD.

    At 6:30 I completed a scaled version in 12:44. Used 95 lb for OHS and 25 lb dumbbells. The dumbbells were the largest factor in the scaling. I felt no success in pulling away from Tyler and Ryan as they grinded through Rx’d dumbbell squat cleans. Looking forward to going Rx’d again, and I’m getting closer every day.

  3. I had a great time teaching the 5:30 class this morning! I saw great improvement in squat depth and form from everyone throughout the WOD. I worked out with the 5:15 class. Scaled the squat cleans to 25#. Time was 19:07. This was a tough first WOD back after being sick. It felt good to be getting back into it though.

  4. 18:40

    I was happy to survive and do all overhead squats unbroken at a weight I have never done for more than one rep. Also, Jeff smoked me with two arms not just one, so I had that going for me, which is nice.

  5. Had a great time teaching everyone yesterday in the 11:30 and 4:00 class. Everyone did extremely well on form. Dan and Kelsey really dug deep to keeping form and kept moving through this wod. I workout at 5:15 and pushed through this with 20lb dumbbells and a 65lb overhead squat. Overhead Squats are a kink in my armer and I really have to work on them. Great job to all on this one!

  6. 17:10 Rx’d

    Rough WOD on my already beat up grip. Dumbbell HSC’s were brutal in this one. Great competing with Jeff again, as well as Ryan and Ben.

  7. I was not feeling the OHS for this one, scaled to 95 lb but probably should have tried at lease 115. Tried to make up for it by scaling up the HSC to 45 lb. 22:30. Great job everyone.

  8. 19:57 65# OHS and 20# HSC.

    Should have put more weight on the OHS. Finally got a good rhythm on T2B. HSCs suck. Double unders right after were just icing on the cake.

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