Monday 6 June

Chuck Taylor All Stars anchored by 25 pound dumbbells

Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Allison Bishop 133-138-153-158-163-168-173lbs.

Compare to 12 October 2010 at CrossFit Impulse

Post loads to comments.

You are all invited to attend the reenlistment ceremony for FC1 Tristan Whitson at CrossFit Impulse today at 3:00 PM. A military reenlistment ceremony is given when a service member completes his/her term of enlistment and then signs up for a new period of enlistment. The service member is discharged and then re-enlisted by receiving the oath of enlistment from a commissioned officer.

Following the ceremony will be a special WOD for all those in attendance who wish to thrash themselves with a short AMRAP.


10 thoughts on “Monday 6 June

  1. 65-70-75-80-85-90-95.

    Never attempted a 1RM snatch balance, so I’ll take it! Thanks Beth for working with me and thanks to Christina for the tips on improvement.

    Preceded by Tristan’s reenlistment WOD.
    8 minute AMRAP:
    -8 box jump burpees at 20″
    -12 ring rows

    5 rounds + 2

    Congrats, Tristan!

  2. 115-135-155-165-175(f)-175(f)-175(f)-135.

    Definitely a movement I need a lot more work on.

    Followed by 2400m run – 11:13

    Followed by 800m 25# DB Carry – 7:42 Rx’d

  3. Saw a lot of strong work today. Melissa W. was especially aggressive in owning the snatch balance!

    Just prior to the 4:00 I completed Tristan’s reenlistment WOD:
    8 min AMRAP
    8 burpee box jumps @ 20″
    12 ring rows

    6 rounds + 2 reps

    Then I did snatch balance at 4:00.

    Was a lot of fun and very challenging working with Eric!

  4. I went for a run from home today. It was about 0.10 mile short of a 5k. I was not running for a PR just cruising for 26:00.

  5. Thanks for the coaching Jeff. I felt like I made a lot of progress on technique and squat depth during this workout with your coaching. I wasn’t focusing on numbers but I believe I worked up to 95lbs.

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