9 thoughts on “Tuesday 7 June

  1. 4 rounds+12 KBS rx’d – russian standard. First time using 1.5 pood….that shit is heavy! Michelle made it look like a walk in the park :D.

  2. Pffhhhttt, I’m twice your size Melissa. 🙂

    92 reps total for me, f’ing k2e’s. Thanks Christina for knowing just the right thing to say at just the right time. You are awesome!

  3. Getting many of you to realize that you can handle the heavier kettlebells was one of the primary reasons I programmed this WOD. Glad to see it’s working! 🙂

  4. Surprised myself by picking up 1.5 pood for the KB swings. I had planned for 1 pood, so I’m really pleased with that, thanks Christina!

  5. 5 rounds + 8 reps Rx’d.
    Thanks Jeff for programming this. Otherwise, I would have never touched that big bastard cannon ball.

  6. Did Wednesday morning. 6 rounds + 23 reps. Damn those KTE. Strike that. Damn me for not developing my ability to do more KTE unbroken.

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