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  1. What a motivated morning class today! Burpee dodge ball always starts the day off right. Everyone did really well and worked really fast. Ken was push jerking over 100 lbs comfortably only a few weeks after destroying his shoulder, hand, and ribs. Very motivating! Christina set a push jerk PR after the WOD was done.

    This morning I did the 10 min AMRAP from yesterday. I scored 6 rounds + 23 reps. I started to say “Damn those KTE” but then revised it to “Damn me for not developing my ability to do more KTE unbroken.”

  2. LOVE THIS: “Damn those KTE” but then revised it to “Damn me for not developing my ability to do more KTE unbroken.”

    What a great morning indeed. I didn’t have my journal this morning and couldn’t remember what my last push jerk weight was. It was December, 1 RM at 75#. Today it was 5 rds at 95# and 5 rds at 85#. I’m good with that. Pam thanks for being such an awesome teammie this morning!

  3. Stayed with 155 all ten rounds and used split jerk.

    Played dodgeball afterwards with the next class and ended up doing 70 burpees in one game. I need to work on my dodging skills.

  4. 205 lbs across

    Played dodgeball with 5:15 and 6:30. Good times!

  5. Maxed out at 200 at the base gym. Thankfully the gym has a small funcitonal fitness station with bumpers and such. Kinda sucks working out on your own in the middle of a sea of machines though.

  6. I suck at burpee dodgeball and have made it a life goal to play against Hightower again and personally see to it that he does a minimum of 50 burpees, all in good fun of course. I partnered with Christina on this WOD. She is such a great motivator!

  7. Played dodgeball with the 515 and 630 classes. So much fun!

    Started out at 135# and ended up with 5rnds at 155#. Bringing the weight back down was the hardest part for me. Afterwards ran 1600m with Alex I. in 5:48 (PR). Alex was a step ahead of me!

  8. Worked with Jeff on this one. I decided to slowly get back into putting a load on my wrist. I went with shoulder press instead of push jerk due to the velocity factor. I did stick with the same rep scheme.


    Tonight was my first burpee dodge ball experience as a coach and athlete. Both were a blast! I love talking smack during it.

  9. I managed to aggravate my shoulder with either the bear crawl or the dodge ball burpees. By the time we got to the push jerk it was already on fire and throbbing. I went with a pretty low weight as a result. 55lbs for all sets. This is about 60% of my 1RM for a static shoulder press. Ice and heat, ice and heat.

  10. Started at 155 and worked up to 170. I usually do split jerk so it was good to force myself to do push jerk.
    Did a 1600m run with Justin after class (5:48). I need to work on running down hill at full pace in my vibrams, my heels are nice and tender today.

  11. 110# across

    I never really liked playing dodgeball but I had fun playing the burpee version. Justin’s sneaky “don’t look at your target” method, Jeff’s conspiring tactics, and David’s spritely coaching of the game were all incredibly entertaining!

    1. Re: conspiring. I always try to get a 2:1-3:1 advantage (within the rules, of course). It’s too easy to lose a fair fight.

      I thought of some tactics last night that could be useful. I think I can improve on the 2:1 strategy. Need to tweak the throwing sequence.

      1. Sounds like there is a need for a summer burpee dodge ball league.

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