Thursday 9 June

2 pood

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
10 Ring dips
20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Post rounds completed to comments.

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11 thoughts on “Thursday 9 June

  1. I did strength work this morning: Back Squat 5×5. 245-250-255-260-265. 265 is my new 5RM PR. I think that was 250 before. Afterwards I did a 20RM set as Rippetoe recommends in Starting Strength. The tables in the back of our Wodbook recommend 50% 1RM for that, or 165 lbs. I completed the set of 20 successfully and felt I could have gone about 185. As many people have talked about, the set of 20 is mentally intriguing. 1-10 is no big deal. #12 starts to get difficult. #15 is pretty tough. #17-20 you want to quit. It’s like the whole set is just to give you the stimulus of pushing through those last 3 reps.

  2. 500m row: 1:35.1, very surprised and happy that I was able to do it so quickly. If I can do that in my current shape, something tells me I should be aiming for the leaderboard in 6 months or so.

    5 rounds flat for the WOD, silver level. Wall ball shots were killer. Great WOD today.

    1. That’s incredible, Jason! You’ve really got a strength there.

  3. My motivated 5:15 class took the leaderboard to the wood shed. Eric almost completed 8 rounds. Emily also killed the rope climbs. Great work all!

  4. 5rnds + 3 Rx

    Keep yelling at me Jeff. I’ll get full depth during WBS soon. Not happy with that performance.

  5. 1:31 on the row. Not a PR.
    4+22 rounds. Row sapped all of my get up and go.

  6. 1:45 on the row for me- a new PR! Then I learned how to climb the rope cause I’d never done it before. 4 rounds + 1 rope climb. Thanks for all the climbing help in the 5:15. The 6:30 class did fantastic! Was almost to easy to teach cause they were all veterans šŸ™‚

  7. 5 rounds + 14 gold-ish.

    Subbed band-assisted dead hang CTB pull ups (some were almost belly to bar, some were right at clavicle). Trying to work on explosiveness out of the bottom of the pull, but also wanted to work on pulling as far as I could get. I tried a few dead hang pull ups without assistance, but struggled to get each one. I decided to opt for the blue band to help me out just a bit at the bottom and then just keep on pulling.

    Also subbed band-assisted ring dips.

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