9 thoughts on “Friday 10 June

  1. This WOD gave me such a sense of accomplishment!! Thanks Melissa, Brit, David and Ken for encouraging me through those last 5 push presses. Gold: 19:53 first 15 deads at 155#.

  2. Completed this in 12:17 at almost Rx. I used 115# for Push Press (Thanks Christina!)

    After yesterday’s metcon and today’s workout, I can confidently say my metcon capacity has dropped considerably. Need to work on that.

  3. Did this one with Lil C at open gym. did the prescribed rep scheme, but scaled weight and used 145# for the dead lift and 65# for the push press. Time was 13:43.

  4. Based on what I think the top guys (Froning, Rob Orlando, ect.) would finish this wod in, I will definitely be scaling the loads to my ability level to make sure this stays fast and doesnt turn into a 35 minute workout. Looking forward to it. But, Im actually dreading the air squats!

    1. Went Rx’d reps, but scaled the weight to 185 Deadlift, 95 Push Press. Finished in 12:19. I feel like I scaled it just about right for where I am strength wise right now. Push Press might could have been pushed up to 115, but either way I was smoked afterward.

      Was funny how the first 5 air squats felt almost like I was floating up without hardly any effort at all due to the tensed up hamstrings from deadlift. Obviously, after the 5 reps it all went back to sucky normal.

  5. 12:04 Rx’d

    Enjoyed working with Daniel B. on this one. He kept me honest on extension at the top of the air squats. Grueling WOD. Push press was the goat. Down to triples at my worst.

  6. Tried RX. Hit muscle failure on PP. I knew going in that the PP rep count at that weight was high for me, but I was optimistic. Overly it appeared, though. Round 1 as Rx’d. Round 2, 3 115# PP. Still fighting my couple months intermittent hiatus. However I live for these WODs with decently heavy movements because of the benefits they provide to my overall fitness. Of course you can’t make it through a workout like this without the buttressing of a supportive bunch of crossfitters pushing you to your limits.

    I’ve got depth issues with my squat. Always have, but getting better. Thanks Jeff for keeping me honest. Missed my last rep of PP as well. Jeff called it no good, and I knew it. Good call. 20:xx something.

    Jeff B was steady and efficient in his workout. He treated it like a 5K. Go steady, don’t burn out. The result, a phenom time of 12:04. Good job.

  7. This was an amazing 400 class. So much energy with the trainer-athlete system today.
    I did the crossfit games workout from a few weeks back 21-15-9 deadlift @225 and 26” box jumps. Tim kept me going, tho not sure why my foot was falling asleep. Christina gave me good pointers for the transition between the movements. Finished in 9.30.

  8. 16:51 Rx’d

    Awesome 4:00 class! 5:15 class was fun to teach. It was good to see Lisa back from vacation, and crushing WODs like she never left!

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