Tuesday 14 June

Eric attacking back squatFran

Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

Compare to 110105 at CFI.

A Good Night’s Sleep Isn’t a Luxury; It’s a NecessityNew York Times

Attention CFI athletes: On Sunday, June 19th, we will be having a Swim Clinic at Dublin Park.  There will be no 3:00 class on the 19th.

16 thoughts on “Tuesday 14 June

  1. Everyone has done a great job thus far! Looking forward to teaching the 4:00! Bring on the “Fran”!

  2. I’ve been at CFI for a year. Progression of my Fran times: 5/25/10 7:59 @ 75#, 9/9/10 9:40 Rx, 12/13/10 8:24 Rx, today 6:34 Rx. “Looking forward” to next time.

  3. What an effort from 5:15! Congrats to all those who PR’d or set new benchmarks!

  4. The only other time I did Fran was 12:26 Rx’d and today I did it in 8:11 Rx’d.Over a 4 minute PR! Thank you so much Mandy for keeping me moving and out of the chalk bucket, I am pretty sure that is where I lost all my minutes last time (:

  5. 9:22 rx’d.

    Second time doing Fran. First time was 13:14 rx’d, back in December. Glad I’ve made good progress, but I really need to work on thrusters! Thank you Katie for pushing me to keep picking that bar up and helping me set goals during

  6. 5:06 Rx’ed- a new PR for me. The 6:30 class was so much fun to coach and push. Had lots of Fran virgins and they quickly learned she was not very nice. The other half of the class PR’ed! Keep up the great work!!!

  7. 4:27 rx’d

    Thanks to alex for the push, and way to go with crushing your old PR.

  8. 5:12 Rx’d (0:36 PR). Thanks Tyler for pushing me. I felt like giving up in the middle of the 15 set.

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