Wednesday 15 June

Torrey removing tape

30 minutes of focused practice:

-5 L-pullups

-5 Strict handstand pushups

– 2 Barbell Turkish getups (one each arm)

Legs must be extended into L at bottom of pullup before beginning pull. You may not bring legs into L as you pull. HSPUs will all be head to ground. No bumper/ABMAT combos will be allowed. Use a spotter and/or band-rigged assistance if needed. Use progressively heavier loads on TGU, working up to a 1RM, and claim your leaderboard spot! This is for technique, not time. Scale accordingly and don’t accept less than a perfect movement! As always, scaled options will be available for any ability level.

Attention CFI athletes: On Sunday, June 19th, we will be having a Swim Clinic at Dublin Park.  There will be no 3:00 class on the 19th.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday 15 June

  1. Got a suggestion for whiteboard management. The whiteboard would be greatly improved if it maintained some
    history. One of the most powerful motivating factors in Crossfit is the intergym competition. On of the ways this beneficial aspect of Crossfit was nurtured in other gyms I’ve workout in is the keeping of the days or weeks posted score on the board. This give the morning and midday crowds an opportunity to see how they compare the the evening crowds. It’s operates in much the same fashion as a mini leader board with a very short memory. I know the blog provides this tool, but many at CFI do not post to the blog. I suggest keeping at least one prior day’s history on the board. I’d love to see for instance the evening crowd’s Fran distribution. I think keeping history would spurn competition which improves the development of CFI athletes and thus make the program at our gym work just a little more efficiently.

    1. Daniel,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I like the idea and I think we could designate an area on the whiteboard for it. If not, we could possibly erase the less significant workouts on our leaderboard and make an area from one day history of times. I talk with Jeff and see what he thinks.


  2. I really enjoyed the skill work today. The focus on building the foundation without all of the intensity we normally experience was a nice change.

  3. Had a good time working out with Tyler and Christina today. Worked up to a 105# barbell TGU with right hand (with a rather ugly finish that might not be legit) and 85# left hand. Later on I tried some Christina-weighted exercises. Got through the top fo a TGU with her, but not back to the bottom. Achieved a weighted pullup and weighted dip with her on my chest/back.

  4. Fun class with Christina, Jeff and Daniel. Got an 85# TGU with the right arm, only made it to 75# with the left. Got a lot of good work in with 2of my weaknesses in HSPUs and L-Pullups.

    Also fun watching Jeff do Christina weighted everything around the gym.

  5. Great 6:30 class. L-pullups were rough from being sore from Fran. First time doing barbell TGUs; got up to 35# on both sides, but I think I can do more. Slo-mo backwards tumble out of the handstand pushup rig was fun.

    Stuck around for yoga after class to work out soreness in my shoulders and back and to de-stress from a long day. Nature decided to give us a perfect ending to a great class!

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