13 thoughts on “Thursday 16 June

  1. This mornings workout and the group as a whole is why I love CFI. We each struggled through our own challenges, cheering for one another and pulling each other along. Thanks everyone for staying and counting down those last 15 OHS. And Jeff a special thank you for letting me finish after cut-off and for the push to 65#. 36:59 rx’d

  2. Had a great morning class. Everyone is improving leaps and bounds on his/her overhead squat! Every single athlete impressed me with that. Kudos to Michelle finishing prescribed.

    I did some strength work this morning. Front Squat 7 sets of 3. And 5 sets of 5, strict pullups with arms and chest extended away from the bar. Did 225# across for front squat (85% 1RM). It turns out that pinching my skin between a heavy steel bar and a titanium plate on my skeleton hurts. It would hurt worse to be weak, so I chose the wrench.

    PS. Little known fact: Hatebreed and Stemm on the stereo add 10 lbs to your front squat. True.

  3. 13:45 Rx’d (PR + 0:17)

    If I hadn’t been trying to keep up with Ben on the runs, there’s no telling what my time would be. Thanks to you guys who helped re-arrange the athlete area to find a new spot for daily WOD results. Your idea was awesome!

  4. 28:30 Rx’d Thank you to all who pushed me through my last round and especially to Brittany for running my last 400m with me otherwise I probably would have walked. Great job to the entire 6:30 class!

  5. 14:55 rx (13 second Pr)

    Tried new strategy of not going out to hard and keeping steady pace and it felt better than the usual gassing early. Also, contests to Britney’s Pr, I dropped the bar once and that is when the hooker (jk) passed me.

  6. 17:53 Rx’d
    I took it easy on the runs, my left calf is still a bit tight from last Saturday. I was happy with my OHS. I was able to get most rounds done in 2 sets. Ever since the Open workout with OHS I have had a mental wall with locking out overhead for OHS and snatch. I felt much more confident this workout.

  7. 15:25 Rx’d

    This was the first time I have done Nancy so I didn’t have anything to compare to. I did as well as expected given my lack of consistency on metcons lately. I went unbroken on the OHS but had to walk most of the last 400m run due to a cramp in my side. My body hates me.

  8. 14:51 Rx’d

    About a 40 sec PR so I was happy with the time. Awesome job Katie for pushing through Rx’d! Ryan, never underestimate a hooker’s squat power and running capacity! 😉

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