17 thoughts on “Friday 17 June

  1. Dear CrossFit Gods-Why the hell can I not Clean and Jerk 105lbs? I realized later that the PR is for the Jerk not the Squat Clean… This is totally a mind game!


  2. I ♥ you Melissa!! I must work on my jerks. No PR’s for me today.
    75-85-90-95-100x-100x-100x got the squat cleans on all three but failed the jerks.

    1. Yeah, David pulled a fast one on me when he posted the WOD. He likes to do that. 🙂

      We like to keep the WOD pic about the athletes and not the trainers, just like CFI itself. Sometimes the photography gods align such that we use a photo of a trainer though. In any case, thanks for the kudos, but please don’t think it’s self-serving or the norm.

  3. Great lunch crowd, lots of heavy lifters all following Christina’s strict form coaching. Her efforts helped me PR by 10#, a shaky 10, but legit. 95-115-135-155x-155-155-160. I also upped my consecutive double unders to 18. Did some box jump work in open gym, pushed myself to 42″, another PR. This was a superb day compared to yesterdays dismal effort. Must have been the rain!

  4. Great lunch crowd today, everyone did awesome!! Thanks Christina for great coaching!
    Went back down to 100 to work on technique.
    Finished my homework for gymnastics doing my strict pull ups on the rings.

  5. Thx for the help at 4:00 class!! I’m getting Stronger a litte each time!!

  6. Maxed at 210. 5 below PR. Having trouble WODing to my full capacity here due to the high amount of early morning distance running we do coupled with working outside in the heat.

  7. My 5:15 class whooped it on! Congrats to Hightower for putting 200+ overhead. That’s a big milestone. Matt, visiting from Auburn, also PR’d with a 200 lb clean. Was really impressed with the violence and aggression today.

    I got to work with Eric today at 4:00, which is always a welcome challenge. I worked up to 230 and then missed 240 twice. My PR is 235, and I don’t generally attempt my old PR. I set a new PR or I go home. Today I went home. Incredible to see him squat clean 275 and put 265 overhead. Anytime Jakub or Jeremy Jones gets moved down on the leaderboard, you know shit has hit the fan.

  8. Everyone did great as always today! Was really happy to see form and technique dialed in on this one. Congrats to all of those who PR’d today you guys really gave it your all dropping under that bar on both the clean and the jerk!

    Hudson good to hear from you! under the conditions five under your 1RM is pretty awesome! Keep up the good work, cannot wait to have you back at CFI!

  9. We had a small class of three tonight at 6:30 but we had fun! Congrats to Bill for his 205 PR! It was good to have Greg B. back with us. Shawn worked hard to get his technique down on the clean and jerk.

    Blew my 200 by trying to go big with 225. Cleaned no problem at 225. Jerk is my nemesis, it wasn’t even close. However had 200 overhead and one arm locked out, then lost it. I’ve got to drop under the bar more.

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