12 thoughts on “Thursday 23 June

  1. This WOD handed me my fanny this morning. 60# cleans, b-band, 800m (DNF @35 mins) 2 rounds + 42 reps. Thanks Jeff for your coaching this morning. I want that beautiful shrug/hip extension and I will have it someday.

  2. Great morning class today! Pam and Billy really honed their technique on squat clean, and everybody worked hard.

    After class I did Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 @ 365-380-390-405-425 (3RM PR)

  3. Whoa nelly..that was rough…thanks christina for pushing me to finish..thanks jeff for running that last 800 m with me…i finished but not pretty and over time…bronze 40:53….

  4. 30:28 Rx’d

    This was absolutely horrid. There is no good reason 95 lb squat cleans should be that tough. Pullups were a welcome distraction. Had fun WOD’ing with David, Justin, Ryan, and Ben. You guys keep me moving.

  5. Really enjoyed coaching everyone on this one yesterday! Did this myself during the 5:15 class. It was a honor just finishing this one! 38:22 Rx’d.

    1. Really awesome job finishing Rx’d in that time. Very proud of you!

  6. 30:44 Scaled

    I am still having some issues with my left elbow, so I subbed deadhang pullups at 15 reps in place of the 30 pullups. My thought was to prevent loading the elbow too much with the velocity from kipping. I did everything else Rx’d.

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