Tuesday 28 June

Melissa, CrossFit Ninja

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as possible of
7 Handstand push-ups
12 L-Pull-ups

Post rounds and reps completed to comments

If you have very little bone density, then in old age you may fracture a vertebrae simply by moving the corner of your mattress. Fortunately, people that power clean and back squat have excellent bone density, and don’t have such debilitating things to look forward to. -New York Times, with ample descriptive editorial from Jeff

5 thoughts on “Tuesday 28 June

  1. Great 11:30 class today! Small but fun with 4 athletes, two of which were fresh outta fundamentals. Everyone did awesome! Good classic couplet AMRAP to start out with!

    I didn’t want to do quite so much shoulder work before gymnastics tonight. I joined Zan on a fun little “deck of cards” WOD. It took us 33:37 to get through the deck alternating cards. Then I did some strength work and got a PR on bench press with 130#! Also did weighted bar dips for the first time. Got to 1.5 pood or 53# for a 1RM.

  2. Lot of strong work today during the 5:15 class!. Hightower and Kurt got real, strict HSPUs figured out today. Was motivating to see them put it all together. David worked his ass off in his first class at CFI. Alex I’s L-pullups were the standard to emulate. Dan is also getting seriously stronger.

    I worked out at 6:30 and scored 8 rounds + 14 reps. All the time was in L-pullups. Last half of the WOD was singles on those. HSPUs were 7 unbroken each time. I think doing them so deep on paralletes for 20 min on Nate made today’s go easier.

  3. 4 rounds +miles) 10 rx’d (kipping HSPU).

    I agree with Jeff–the HSPUs were like a quick break between L pullups. Getting closer to doing strict HSPUs in a WOD! There were a few times I didn’t kip very well and was able to lock it out. I also worked on linking them and got up to five. The most difficult part for me on that is just keeping my feet on the wall after lock outout.

    1. D’oh. Hit publish before I was done.

      After class, I did week 1 of Wendler back squat and got 7 reps @85% 85% of my 1RM. Thanks, Alex, for your help!

      Gymnastics after that. I think Alex V. is rubbing off on me!

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