Friday 1 July

Team WOD  by Hudson

2 Rounds:

100m Teammate Carry

Accumulate 100 Squats as a Team

Accumulate 100 Pushups as a Team


-During the Squats and Pushups teammates will alternate every rep, i.e. teammate 1 will do the first squat, teammate 2 will do the second, and teammate 3 will do the third.

-The two teammates not working will rest at the bottom of the squat and the top of the pushup.

-If one partner must rest the other two will pause until all are able to begin again.

9 thoughts on “Friday 1 July

  1. Great morning workout! Thanks Kristen and Sarah for being awesome team mates:-) Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

  2. Lots of fun this morning! Can’t wait to see how the buddy pictures turned out with Ken carrying Hightower. Awesome work everyone.

  3. This was my first partner carry WOD. I’m glad it was with Steven and Mike, tho I think Mike was eating while I was carrying him, because that last 50m he kept getting heavier… But he made up for it in picking up slack on pushups. All in all I am pleased with our result 21.33, as I am tired. I spent a few minutes at open gym working on Hudson’s sit ups, and slow inversions before discussing mechanics with Christina, I hope your salad didn’t get cold, or is it warm?

  4. Haha thanks Kurt. My Friday Open Gym salad was good as always 🙂 Thanks for helping with putting together the new dumbbell rack! You will have to tell me how you like those red bands.

    Everyone during lunch class did great! Really saw some interesting strategies. Gean and Tim, I think have this workout down!

    1. Thanks Luke! It was great working out with you and Beaver! You guys really pushed me and I needed that 🙂 Next time I think we really could get that under 20 minutes! Hope your house situation gets settled quickly.

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